Yeezus Christ: Ungodly amounts of money

Can a person’s attitude and public image create a unicorn? Well if Kanye West is to be taken seriously, and more often than not he is, he reckons YEEZY can become a decacorn. A unicorn, of course, being a company worth a billion dollars and a decacorn being ten billion.

Improbable? Yes. Impossible? Not at all.

During a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Kim Kardashian was questioned about her bank account and whether or not it was close to the 10-figure range.

“You’re not almost a billionaire, are you?” Jimmy asked.

“I would say my husband is one, so that makes me one, right?” Kim responded “Close. Close, by proximity.”

She surely wasn’t exaggerating.

Kanye’s YEEZY recently received a $1.5 billion USD valuation. Moreover, with Kanye being a ‘more-than-majority’ stakeholder, he’s well on his way to becoming a billionaire. Rap music, borderline prophetic tweets and trump supporting aside, let’s take a closer look into his lifestyle firm, which is the second fastest growing company in history.

First things first, the shoes are great. Great designs and a fantastic aesthetic appeal.

The clothes on offer, however, aren’t the most visually appealing. There’s certainly better looking and more value for money brands out there. Most of the clothes look like they could have been made for 5% of the selling price and there’s a good chance they actually were. Money is money though, and with a large enough following added to a certain ‘je ne sais qua’ about you, you can sell anything, and in this case, a whole lotta anything.

His music is great, his actions are always eye-catching and headline grabbing. He’s outspoken with a good mix of nonsense and no-nonsense ( More of the latter of course ). That’s his brand though, and it clearly works. Is the YEEZY valuation as inflated as some say his ego is? In terms of face value and what is on offer for the price, maybe it is. But in terms of a brand being propelled by the person behind it combined with the power of the internet, which nowadays seems to be how money is made, the valuation seems on point.

A 2016 tweet by the man himself; “ Mark Zuckerberg invest 1 billion dollars into Kanye West ideas” tells you something about his confidence. Well, he’s got his own billion dollars now, moreover, with growth rates being as high as they are, and Kanye being as Kanye as he is, who knows where YEEZY may end up.


By Abhishek Aggarwal

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