Woman Live Streamed Her X-Rated Video Meant For Husband With 2000 Facebook Friends

I think we’ve all sent a text to someone by mistake. Sometimes that could be embarrassing. But we can usually just laugh it off and explain that it was meant for someone else. And go back to our normal lives.

But we don’t know if this woman will ever be able to live this down.

Sex Education – The Need Of The Hour

A Bulgarian woman has been left red-faced after she accidentally live-streamed a racy video instead of privately messaging it to her partner. In a shocking incident, a woman was extremely mortified after she committed a huge Facebook blunder. Zeinepa Galibova from Bulgaria accidentally live-streamed a rather saucy video of herself to over 2,000 Facebook friends, instead of sending it as a private message to her husband, who was away from home.

thescrolllab/ Woman x rated video

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Apparently she wanted to spoil her husband with a sexy video. She lay down on the bed in the bedroom.  She took on some spicy poses, and zoomed in on her breasts several times. In the meantime, she said how much she ‘lusted’ after him.

But instead of just sending the images to her husband, she accidentally shared the video as a Facebook story. The images were immediately circulated.

How her family reacted

According to The Irish Sun, her 20-year-old son said he won’t be able to return home for another 5 years because he is so embarrassed by what his mom did. The Irish Sun Also reported that her husband would not speak to her for days after seeing the post because he was so upset.

Her friends and family that saw the video on Facebook said that they are still in shock. Someone posted the video on YouTube, but it was removed from that platform because it violated their no nudity policy. So obviously there were some pretty graphic pictures in the video.

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The woman claimed that she made the video as she was bored and will now turn to her close friends and family so that they can help her get over the blunder.

Source – 21stcenturystate.com, 991thewhale.com, mid-day.com

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