Woman Got Her Eyesight Back After 10 Years In Dubai

Dr Archana Sood, senior specialist and head of the ophthalmology department at Eye Care Centre, RAK Hospital gave a woman her eyesight back who was almost blind from her right eye from almost 10 years.

The 19-year-old Mauritanian women suffered a serious eye injury when she was a child. She was left with just 10% vision.

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Dr Sood said, since the woman was suffering from lazy eye and also because it had been so long since she lost her sight that not even a single surgeon was ready to operate on her. She was also suffering from high eye pressure for which she was taking regular eye drops which added further complications to the procedure. All these issues made her case high risk and because of that she couldn’t able to find any surgeon who was ready to help her in restoring her eyesight back.

Dr Sood took her in and after the medical examination, it was found out that she was suffering from the scarred retina, which is the development of scar tissue on, in, or under the retina, an important structure in the back of the eye. Mild scarring may not be a serious medical issue, but large scars can cause vision distortion and eventual vision loss. On top of that, she had an extremely irregular cornea, almost complete absence of iris, traumatic cataract and glaucoma (Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to your eye’s optic nerve and gets worse over time. It’s often linked to a buildup of pressure inside your eye.)

With the help of latest technologies like micro-incision phacoemulsification ­and implantation of the special premium toric foldable lens, Dr Sood was able to operate on that woman’s eye.

With so many complications going against the operation, it was a miracle and also Dr Sood’s expertise that the 40 minutes surgery went well and in just three weeks the women regained 40% of her lost eyesight.

“From now on, she will only need to use the anti-glaucoma drops to keep her eye pressure under control and get a biannual pressure check to ensure that it remains within the normal range,” Dr Sood said.

But the complications didn’t just end there. Since there was an absence of iris and her pupil was larger than normal, Dr Sood and her team was worried that after the operation her eyes would suffer from light sensitivity but her lazy eyes was the blessing in disguise. Because of that, the problem of excess light entering her eyes solved automatically.

Dr Archana Sood

According to Dr Sood, when that woman came to RAK hospital, she had lost all hope. She spent many weeks going through tests and then surgery but no one ever saw her smile even for just a second. But after the surgery when she was able to read the newspaper for the first time after so long, she actually smiled. Dr Sood says, “that smile alone was the best thing our team could ask in return for the effort we put in the surgery.”

This is the not the first time Dr Archana Sood has helped someone to gain her eyesight back. Back in 2018, she came across a 44-year-old UAE resident, King Khaton Loqman Saleh Shaban was suffering from near blindness from 15 years.

Her condition was so bad that she hadn’t even seen her face clearly in the mirror from the last 15 years. She was prescribed eye drops to relieve her from the pain and comfort and to go on with her day to day life but her condition had affected her quality of life considerably. Because of her financial problems, she couldn’t receive medical assistance earlier.

When she came to RAK Hospital, Dr Sood prescribed some tests to understand her situation. The results revealed complicated cataract in both her eyes, as a result of an old intraocular inflammation. Her cataracts were a severe complication to go ahead for the surgery. She was almost blind from the right eye with no perception of light and from the left eye, she had blurry vision. She was dependent on others for every task in her day to day life and her dream was to become independent again.

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She underwent two intensive surgeries within a span of one month. It took six hours for both the surgeries including pre and post surgery time and she was able to go home on the same day in both the occasions.

Dr Sood says that “Not only this was a complicated case but the high-risk case as well. Since it is very difficult to operate on the high myopic eye, it is a severe complication when it comes to surgery. And we realized that she had a very small pupil as well. Because of the severity of these issues, it was very difficult to even predict the outcome of the surgery. “During the surgery, we first opened up her eye, dilating the pupil, gently breaking down the cataract, suctioning it out and inserting a foldable intraocular lens implant. These foldable implants ensure faster recovery since they require a minute incision, as less as one-eighth of an inch, and are self-healing without any stitches,” she added.

The operations were successful and she was back to her normal life after a week of surgery. Dr Raza Siddiqui, CEO Arabian Healthcare Group and Executive Director, RAK Hospital said, “sometimes we take the god given gifts to us for granted. Eyes are a very beautiful gift to a human being, it allows us to see the different colours of life. I am very proud of our team at RAK Hospital who helped Shaban in getting her eyesight back.”

Dr Sood advises that “Blurry vision should always be taken seriously. If someone is suffering from any issues in their eyes, they should not ignore it. Eyes are a very delicate organ of the body. With ever-evolving technology, 90% of the near blindness can be treated today if medical assistance is sought at the right time.”

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