Beluga Whale Returns Phone To Its Owner After Dropping It In Ocean

A few weeks ago, a Beluga whale was discovered off the coast of Norway. It was wearing a harness that led fisherman to believe the sea mammal escaped from a Russian military facility. Since being released from its harness, the whale has continued to linger nearby. In fact, he was spotted again a few days ago and surprised a group of friends with his special skills.

Well, apparently he hasn’t left the coast of Hammerfest, Norway where he was originally found.

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Ina Mansika and her friends were hanging out on a dock nearby when the gentle giant came to greet them.

The group were on the look out for a beluga whale that has been lingering in the area.

But while waiting on the dock to catch a glimpse of the animal in question, her phone fell out of her pocket and into the water.

The young woman assumed the device was lost to her forever.

Mansika’s phone was returned to her moments later – by the very same whale she’d come to see.

Her friend Isa Opdahl Larsson captured the incredible moment on video. She shared the footage on Instagram , where it has been view over 160,000 times.

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Mansika said she almost couldn’t believe what had happened. She added: “Everyone was so surprised. We almost didn’t believe what we saw.

“I was super happy and thankful that I got my phone back.”

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