Confessions Of True Romantics

In an age where people, places and moments are too easily replaced, I often wonder how people find true love. Many of us find it convenient to believe that the four letter word, that’s supposed to make the world go round, has no meaning in our lives. We find it difficult to believe that it can happen outside of Nicholas Sparks novels or movies.

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But we have received some anonymous heartwarming stories that are no less than that of “The Notebook”. These love stories will surely restore your faith in love.

Sometimes you just need to ask

I had been single for the better part of a year to get my shit together. I lived down the street from a bar in town, so I walked there after having a drink or two at my place. When I walked in, I saw this very beautiful lady playing pool with other guys. She just beat everyone who challenged her. I got a few drinks and watched this go down and I was entertained for a while, mostly because she kept doing this cute thing with her glasses where she put them on top of her head and squinted at the table to line up her shots.

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Everyone was trying to get her attention, so clearly I didn’t have a shot at her. After having a few drinks I decided to go home. As I walked outside the door, I saw her standing outside by the wall.

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I said, “What are you waiting for?” because she looked like she was waiting for a friend or a cab, but she said, “A cigarette.” I gave her one. It’s been two and a half years, and we are engaged.

You never know where you might find love

I was home from college and my friend Edward took me to a hookah lounge he used to go frequently. I had just ended things with a girl I had been seeing and was looking forward to the night out. Edward had a crush on a waitress named Brooke and introduced us. After she walked away he turns to me and goes, “I’d do anything to take her out” to which I replied, “Edward, I love you, but I have a better chance with her than you.” Little did we know she actually was a lesbian and later that night she asked me out. It has been 4 years and we are still together.

Love finds you when you least expect it

I had a huge crush on this guy when I was in college. I didn’t know how to approach him because I was unsure whether he was gay or not. One of our mutual friends told me that he is very shy and actually just got out of a very bad relationship with a guy. Now, my way was clear. Just two days later I asked him out and we started dating after that.

After completing college, I moved in with him. We always used to have this funny debate that since I asked him out first, I shouldn’t be the one to propose. It had been 4 years since we were together and I just accepted the fact that he is not going to do it.

One day when I came home from the office, I found my home flooded with people. I was so confused about what was happening. Someone told me my Jacob (my boyfriend) had asked everyone from my family to come. And I have a very big family. Including my cousins, aunts and uncles, there were not less than 40 people in the house.

As I entered the house, Jacob was kneeling down on one ring holding a beautiful ring in his hand. I almost cried looking at him. He said, “Sorry for taking this much time, I just wanted to make sure everyone knows how much I love you.”

And guess what, it happened just yesterday.

When you are meant to be together

Three years before I met this beautiful girl on Facebook. We were chatting all day all night long. After 2 weeks, we decided to meet on Valentine’s Day. I thought it would be magical. So, we decided on a restaurant and fixed the date on our calendar. I booked our table a week early since on Valentine’s Day every place is usually packed.

thescrolllab/Confessions Of True Romantics - Valentine's Day Special

When the day finally arrived and I went there, to my surprise, the restaurant had actually organized some games for the couples. The only problem was, my date stood me up. I got her message that she won’t be able to make it.

It was so awkward to sit alone at my table and watch other couples having fun. After having a couple of drinks, I noticed, 4 tables away from mine, a girl was sitting alone too. I went up to her and we started talking. Her date also stood her up. So, we decided to spend the evening together.

2 months ago we got married and that girl I met on Facebook was one of the bridesmaids.

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