Top 10 Places That Are Forbidden To Public

Travelling is one thing that will not only help you discover new places and people, but also broaden your horizons. You can not think of many places that have not been discovered by man considering the extensive development in technology. However, this list will make you go through some mysteries that are still unexplored. There are some places you can not visit legally, and some so dangerous, you would never want to go there. 10 Places That Are Forbidden To Public

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Area 51 is a closely guarded American military base. Situated in the deserts of Nevada, the purpose of this place has remained hidden from public. Moreover, armed guards patrol the area and have instructions to shoot at sight. There have been several conspiracy theories about this place. However, the most common of them is the presence of aliens.


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The Ise Grand Shrine is dedicated to goddess Amaterasu. She is seen as the goddess of the sun and the universe. The shrine is also home to an artifact which is considered to be one of the imperial regalia objects. This artifact is her sacred mirror, Yata no Kagami. This mirror is said to represent wisdom or honesty, depending on the source. The shrine is open to public. However, the interior vaults which contain this mirror are prohibited.


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Room 39 is a secretive North Korean organisation. It maintains slush funds of foreign currency for the leaders of the country mainly the Kim family. The organisation is said to bring in $500 million to $1 billion every year. Moreover, it is mostly considered to be place full of dark secrets including counterfeiting bills, drug trades, and Japanese pornography. Room 39 is one of the Third Floor offices. The others are Office 35 tasked with intelligence and Office 38 which handles legal financial activities. The room is believed to be located inside a ruling Workers’ Party building in Pyongyang.


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The North Sentinel Islands situated in the Andaman islands of India are one of the most picturesque beaches you will ever see. Or probably not see. This is because the island is home to the Sentinelese tribe which is considered to be one of the most dangerous tribes in the world. It has a population of 50-400 and the government has banned anyone being in 3 miles radius of the place. This is because of the tribe’s barbaric actions. Moreover, they are completely untouched by civilization and are known to have killed several intruders.


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The Snake Island of Brazil is located off the coast of Brazil. It is officially known as Ilha de Queimada Grande. Even though it is not a secretive place but extremely dangerous. It is home to venomous Bothrops insularis, which is the golden lancehead pit viper snake. Hence, the island is prohibited by the government. The snake’s venom is so powerful that it is capable of actually melting human flesh.


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The vault is a secure seed bank in Norway. It is hidden deep inside a mountain between mainland Norway and the North Pole. The seed bank is in place to secure and preserve the large variety of plant seeds in case of a global crisis. Moreover, currently, it houses over 1 million seeds out of the total capacity of 4.5 million.


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Poveglia is known to be one of the most haunted islands in the world. It is located between Venice and Lido in Northern Italy. The island was populated until residents fled the place in 1379 due to a war. Since then it was used as a quarantine zone for patients suffering from the plague. It is said that over a 100,000 people have died on this island alone. It even had a mental hospital which was later shut down and the island has been vacant since then. Hence, there have been talks of paranormal activities occurring on the island.


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Located in the state of Rajasthan, Bhangarh Fort is a 17th century fort. It is considered to be one of the most haunted places in India. Moreover, there are strict rules which prohibits entry in this area after sunset. There are several folklore which are attached to the place being haunted. One of the most famous ones is that of a wizard putting a curse on Bhangarh.


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The Dulce Base has long been associated with several conspiracy theories. It is situated in a small town in Dulce and has about 2000 residents. However, it has a giant underground facility which is apparently populated by human-animal and human-alien hybrids. Moreover, residents of Dulce claim to have seen UFOs, moving lights, and other unexplained sights in the area.


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White’s is considered to be one of the oldest and most exclusive gentlemen’s club in the world. Founded in 1693 and situated in St James’s Street, it has maintained a male-only policy since its inception. Notable members include Prince Charles, Prince William, and Tom Stacey. Former British Prime Minister David Cameron was also a member but later resigned in 2008 because of them not allowing women.


By Abhishek Aggarwal

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