The Momo Challenge Creeps Into Peppa Pig

thescrolllab/The momo challenge creeps into Pegga Pig

The momo challenge has become a big threat to Indian parents and kids as it takes over the internet by creeping into the Peppa Pig videos. The message has been spread all over the social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and making people aware of it. It is scaring the kids all over India.

Thescrolllab/The momo challenge creeps into Pegga Pig
Picture Courtesy : YouTube
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It started when kids were watching Peppa Pig cartoon on the YouTube. The video got blurry after sometime and the Momo doll appeared on the video scaring the kids watching the video. The video starts off just like a regular video of Peppa Pig cartoon episode and just after 3 mins, the blurry image of the Momo doll appears and starts speaking things like, “slice your legs or else you will never see me”, “slice your arms or else you will never see your parents”, etc. Such voice notes are freaking the kids and make them harm themselves.

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Since it has been trending, earlier the story was different and was not a global threat. But now, the momo challenge has become a global threat.We never expected that it would creep into the Peppa Pig cartoon videos on the YouTube while kids would be streaming it.

Internet needs to take a strict action and has to think about how to stop the life threatening and life taking trend. Parents should also be careful before handing over the smart phones in the hands of kids below 8 years of the age. If the hack could get into the Peppa Pig cartoon videos, it could creep inside any of the videos and make the children take “momo” challenge very seriously risking everyone’s life.

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