The Anglo-Indian MP With A Reserved Seat This Election

India’s six-week election was kicked started on Thursday and the whole political domain seems to be in a bustle. Ministers busy campaigning under the summer sun and supporters joining in the busy crowd of their favoured party. But not everyone seems to be worried about the heat.

All You Need To Know About India Election 2019

Anglo-Indian George Bakers was appointed to the parliament with fellow Richard Hay in the year 2015. He, just like any other MP can vote and spend money on the development of his community. But this election will be missing one name.

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George Baker, the name of this award-winning actor who has acted in various films will not be present in the in the ballot paper this election. The Anglo-Indian reservation was supposed to be phased out by 1960, but it has been renewed constantly since then. “It’s more or less an accepted part of the constituency”, the Greek origin baker told Michael Safi.


India has had a tragic past with the Britisher. This naturally gave rise to a sense of doubt towards the Anglo-Indian community. During the time of independence, the Anglo Indians were left confused between their loyalty towards Britain, the place that they probably never visited and their love for their birth country. “Indians used to have a suspicion over us. They would think of us as the people who used to carry tales to the Britishers that got them into trouble”, told baker. Such doubt was certain due to India’s past but a rather negative shade for the Anglo-Indian community.

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The two seats in the countries lower house that is reserved for the Anglo-Indians is a vestige of India’s colonial history. The year 1947 witnessed the Anglo-Indians exit from India to other commonwealth country. “The community could no longer stand on two stools”, wrote frank, an Anglo-Indian leader at the time of independence. “gradually we will be integrated, but total assimilation will take a minimum of another 50 years”, said Baker in views about the future of the Anglo-Indian community.

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