• Famous Tennis Player Insults Transgender Athletes

    Famous Tennis Player Insults Transgender Athletes0

    The nine-time Wimbledon champion and gay rights activist, Martina Navratilova  has been highly criticised. Rules in some sports that allowed transgender women to compete in women’s tournaments were “insane”, and that she would not want to play against a trans athlete. Martina Navratilova Transgender Athletes Right To Compete “Clearly that can’t be right. You can’t just

  • Makeup Specifically For The Trans Community! Finally!!

    Makeup Specifically For The Trans Community! Finally!!0

    Jecca overlooks gender and celebrates individuality. We’re not a brand that concentrates on just women,” said Jessica Blackler, the UK-based director and founder of make-up brand Jecca, in an interview to The Cut. For the past two months, Jecca has been capturing headlines globally, thanks to its make up products that solely focus on the transgender community. For

  • India’s First Transwoman Advocate

    India’s First Transwoman Advocate0

    India has a long way to go when it comes to LGBT+ rights and acceptance into mainstream society. The discrimination faced by transgenders is even worse and most are thrown out or disowned by their families. They seldom receive an education and resort to begging or prostitution to get by. Among such apathy and gross