• VMA 2018- Award Winners and Red Carpet Slayers

    VMA 2018- Award Winners and Red Carpet Slayers0

    The MTV VMA’s are one of the biggest music award shows. The 2018 VMA’s took place in New York’s Radio City Music Hall. As always, the huge number of celebs under one roof takes it to a whole different level. The reason can also be the stage kisses, backstage antics or crazy after parties, but

  • Demi Lovato’s statement after drug overdose

    Demi Lovato’s statement after drug overdose0

    Demi Lovato is an American singer, songwriter, and actress. She was recently hospitalized following an overdose on an unspecified opioid. The 25 year old was found unconscious in her Hollywood Hills residence. Arriving paramedics gave her naloxone which counteracts the effects of an opioid overdose. She was then taken to Cedars-Senai hospital where she has

  • Tyga’s Taste of Weed

    Tyga’s Taste of Weed0

    What do rappers Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa, and The Game have in common apart from community service? All of them are a big part of the marijuana industry and have launched weed strains. A new entrant in this business venture is another rapper, Tyga. Tyga is a 28 year old American rapper who appears to

  • The Clash Of The Titans: SPOTIFY V/S APPLE MUSIC

    The Clash Of The Titans: SPOTIFY V/S APPLE MUSIC0

    A comprehensive comparison between the two music streaming giants Music is a universal language and helps you cope with every situation in life. When it comes to music streaming, which is a massive market currently, the battle is largely bipolar: Apple Music on one hand and Spotify on the other. While both try to outdo



     Just when did ‘RAP’ turn into ‘CRAP’! Rap was born out of hard times, a way to tell people about the struggles that prevailed. Rap has never been away from criticism that it faced by the American media. Be it the East Coast- West Coast rivalry, the infamous murders of hip-hop stars like Tupac Shakur

  • Travel Solo – Travel Safe

    Travel Solo – Travel Safe0

    Solo travel is a big trend these days especially among youngsters and the over20-under30 crowd. People are more independent, adventurous, financially unburdened and thanks to the Internet more knowledgeable about the places they’d like to explore. But travelling solo need not necessarily mean being unsafe. If one just keeps their wits about them solo travel