• Soccer Players Celebrate Pride Month

    Soccer Players Celebrate Pride Month0

    Soccer has been a game played with pride for decades. However, soccer clubs choose to be ignorant towards homosexuals willing to be part of the team as it is said to harm the pride of the “manly” game. On Saturday, English side Altrinchman FC joined the pro-LGBT movement. The club, nicknamed the Robins, wore a

  • Premier League- Transfer Window 2018/19

    Premier League- Transfer Window 2018/190

    As the footballing world recovers from ‘World Cup Fever’, it is time to shift our focus back to domestic football. The 2018/19 Premier League campaign starts from today and life has meaning once again. It was a boring month which saw us waste away our lives doing absolutely nothing. I personally, being the hardworking person

  • Liverpool: Slippery DNA

    Liverpool: Slippery DNA0

    Remembering the infamous title deciding slip by Steven Gerrard In 2013/14, the belle of a really old ball, Liverpool FC had the chance to regain long lost glory by finally winning the league title after a gap of 24 years. History will recognise this season as one of change, the heartbreaking end of the most