• Jeff Bezos And MacKenzie Bezos’ Divorce Finalized

    Jeff Bezos And MacKenzie Bezos’ Divorce Finalized0

    Amazon.com Inc founder and CEO Jeff Bezos’ got divorced from his wife, MacKenzie Bezos from their 25 year wedding, by a Seattle-area judge on Friday. Further, giving way for her to receive a whopping $38.3 billion worth of Amazon stocks. The couple announced their plan to divorce in a joint Twitter statement in January. Causing

  • Moto Z4 pops up like a surprise on Amazon.

    Moto Z4 pops up like a surprise on Amazon.0

    Moto Z4 is their flagship phone which has let loose on the internet through various leaks! The phone isn’t ready yet to be pushed into the market but Moto messed it up, by making it available for purchase on Amazon! A big-time blunder! And you know how excited people get about phones and there it

  • Amazon To Open 3000 Cashierless Stores

    Amazon To Open 3000 Cashierless Stores0

    After becoming only the second company in the world to reach the trillion dollar mark, Amazon Inc. has no plans on stopping. The company is planning a massive expansion of its cashierless AmazonGo stores. The e-tailer giants are aiming to open as many as 3000 cashierless stores by the year 2021. The decision would probably

  • Amazon Now Worth $1,000,000,000,000

    Amazon Now Worth $1,000,000,000,0000

    • Tech
    • September 5, 2018

    Apple recently crossed the $1 trillion mark and we really didn’t believe anyone could match them. At that time Amazon was almost $100 billion away from them. However, last evening Amazon became the second American company to reach the once unimaginable target. The shares of the e-tailer rose as high as $2050.5 which helped it

  • Amazon Faces Flak For Failing At LGBT Inclusivity

    Amazon Faces Flak For Failing At LGBT Inclusivity0

    Many Amazon employees felt uncomfortable following a series of recent defacements on LGBT “Pride” posters hanging in the company’s elevators. Amazon’s response to the incident infuriated some even more. Approximately 10 employee-designed posters that were designed to encourage inclusivity were defaced in Amazon elevators at its main headquarters over the past two months, according to internal emails

  • Apple’s Trillion Dollar Valuation

    Apple’s Trillion Dollar Valuation0

    iCan’t seem to innovate anymore, but iDon’t care What’s the difference between Steve Jobs apple and Tim Cook’s apple? A lot, but nothing for the better as it turns out. The iWatch is the only product that Jobs hasn’t had a major involvement in, other than that, the products are all the same. Just a