Sex Education – The Need Of The Hour

Don’t want to talk about sex? We won’t.
But, do you realise that your existence will vanish and that will be a much worse crisis than you can imagine? So, educate everyone about sex, whoever comes in your circle and let them know their true value in today’s times of instant gratification. No, that won’t make you a pervert because you’re confusing the meaning of awareness with “taking advantage of someone’s private life”. However, this article isn’t about educating you; it’s about understanding as to why you shouldn’t refrain from preaching sex education.
We just need to ignite that spark and watch it becoming into a forest fire which will burn all the taboos questioning the existence of a normal living termed abnormal. In order to take this objective ahead, one of the recent videos we did was
Indians React To Female Masturbation | Scroll Lab

And, while you’re already surprised to watch people have different opinions about Female Masturbation, there’s a bigger picture to it.
Why? Why do you turn your backs when your younger brothers and sisters talk about LGBT when they don’t even know the half of it?
Well, do you? It’s LGBTQQIAAP. You’ll get to know about the acronym as you scroll, but sex education is not something people should learn as they grow.
We feel infuriated when the news of rape cases floats around and curse the world when minors are involved. But, one of the many reasons such undesirable course of events takes place is the absolute unawareness of something unlawful is even happening. Even grownups shy away when questions are fired at them regarding sex and why wouldn’t they, even a decade back the upbringing was done where people didn’t talk about such subjects.

Our aim

It’s about feeding the curiosity. Yes, that’s where the root lies. And, we at Scroll Lab intend to do the same with sex education. People will know about the wrongdoings going around in their surroundings and how they’re supposed to tackle obscene situations in our nature. It’s about making sure that the world we breathe in physically is more than just supporting causes going viral in the virtual world. Yet, what’s the best medium to address these problems pertaining to our world, in need of grave attention? Ask the people themselves. Here’s our another attempt at making sure people step out of the shell and confront the realities they’re scared from.
Indians Talking About Sex Toys | Scroll Lab

It brings us to the point where you should know several entities and their psyches than just living in a shell and stepping out of the presumption that no one else exists other than us. They’re not foreign bodies, they’re humans just like us and have every right to live the way they want to rather than fall prey of being accepted in the world for the sake of it. Stop making others different from you inferior or silently watch as the world continues to do injustice.
L – Lesbian
G – Gay
B – Bisexual
T – Transgender
Q – Queer
Q – Questioning
I – Intersex
A – Allies
A – Asexual
P – Pansexual
However, the list is not exhaustive and we’re sure about the partial unawareness you have about the aforementioned different ways people define their gender and sexuality.
Want to know how you can identify your inner self better and treat the individuals around you with the respect they deserve, follow us on Scroll Lab and stay educated.

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