Pro At Procrastinating? Learn How To Combat It

“I needed to finish this article by 2 PM, and it’s currently 2 AM as I type this. Why is procrastination so easy? It isn’t a good habit to keep putting things off, but why not try to make a case for it in this article.”

Throughout medieval times, procrastination wasn’t regarded as a bad thing. The Greeks and Romans actually thought of it very highly. The wisest and most popular leaders embraced procrastination and, to put it simply, used to pretty much just sit around, think, drink and not do anything unless they absolutely had to. It’s true, all the stories we know of from that time are actually last resort situations.

The widely accepted idea that procrastination is bad can be traced back to the Puritanical era with Jonathan Edwards’ famous sermon against procrastination and the American expression of consumerism which meant idle time was a waste of time. The sort of embodied work ethic that required immediate, constant and rigorous action.

Recent studies have shown that managing delay is actually a really important tool for human beings. Results showed that people are more successful and happier when they manage delay in a productive manner. If you think about it, procrastination is just a universal state of being for us. There will always be more things to do than possible. So we’ll always be imposing some sort of self imposed or automatic delay on some of those tasks. The crux here is is whether or not we are procrastinating well. There are two types of procrastination, active and passive. Active is when you consciously realise that you are unduly delaying a task, but you’re doing something that you give a higher priority to. Passive being the kind we all know too well.

You would much rather do something when you’re in the right state of mind for it rather than something that’s governed by a deadline. The disparity in the quality of work will be quite evident. There’s certainly some food for thought to this, and can help us boost our productivity if done right. So go ahead, procrastinate all you want, but do it properly. 


By Abhishek Aggarwal

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