Predictive programming is when events shown in a movie or TV show actually happen later on.

Weird, coincidental or planned, it’s definitely a real thing!

A possible reason for this to happen, is that if there’s a significant change in status quo or a pre-planned upsetting event to take place in the future, people are likely not to react too radically as they have already subconsciously processed this event on some level.

It basically means that when conspirators plan a False Flag Operation, they hide references to it in media, before the event occurs. When the atrocity actually takes place, the public has already softened up to it and therefore passively accepts it without much rebellion. Sounds weird, I know! Before you disregard this article as totally insane, I urge you to travel down the rabbit-hole with me for just a minute.

First Instance

The first recorded instance of this dates back to 1898 when Morgan Robertson wrote a novel called Futility, a ship called the Titan that hits an iceberg on its maiden voyage. 14 years later you probably know what happened.

MK Ultra And Naomi

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This is slightly on the nose you might say, subliminal messaging is much more subtle and has an effect on us which we aren’t even aware of. Used quite a bit in advertising, it also has been used in much more sinister ways. For example in the 1960’s, the US national anthem was aired daily all over the nation with subtitles. The creepy part about this is that as each line changed, it uncovered hidden messages that were placed well enough not to be perceived by the conscious mind but were registered by the subconscious.

Some of these messages were REBELLION WILL NOT BE TOLERATED and BUY ULTRA BUY NAOMI and many others. The latter of the mentioned being in reference to the MK-ULTRA and MK-NAOMI bio warfare projects that was in full swing at the time.

You might say that the video is a hoax, and it’s possible you’re right.

I disagree.

However, there isn’t enough concrete proof to prove either of us right.

Predictive Programming In The Simpsons

Moving on to some blatant and unquestionable instances, with The Simpsons being possibly the best example of this. In a scene in 2008, the vote gets cast toward McCain while trying to vote for Obama, . Flustered, he tires to vote again and again with the same outcome.

In the 2012 US election, hundreds of people reported that machines got rigged and votes went to the wrong person.  They’ve also predicted many other things which can cover an entire article on its own.  However, the spookiest of them predicting Trump would become president. In an episode that came out in the year 2000, they show Lisa sitting in the oval office, striking an uncanny resemblance to Hillary Clinton. She tells her advisors “As you know, we’ve inherited quite a budget crunch from President Trump”. Her advisors then tell her that Trump has bankrupted the nation, something that might still come to fruition considering the first term of his presidency hasn’t ended yet.

Predictive Programming In The Family Guy

Moving on to some weirder stuff. In ‘Family Guy’, an episode showed Stewie telling Brian, after the latter tells him that Bruce Jenner is a man, “No, Brian. That’s what the press would have you believe, but he’s not. Bruce Jenner is a woman. An elegant, beautiful woman.” This seemed crazy at the time considering he was on Olympic athlete and an image of masculinity throughout his career but in 2015 Bruce Jenner became Katliyn Jenner.

In a 2005 episode, Stewie (who is a baby) runs through a mall naked screaming “Help! I’ve escaped from Kevin Spacey’s basement! ” and as of 2017, well, the less said the better.

Let’s for a minute consider the 9/11.‘The Lone Gunman’, an X-Files spin-off that aired on FOX six months before 9/11, the plot was sinisterly familiar. It featured the theme of hijacked planes attempting to crash into the World Trade Centre. As per the episode,  the US government perpetrated the hijacking part as an elaborate conspiracy.


It doesn’t seem like predictive programming and subliminal messaging is going to stop. However, it certainly gives us some food for thought in the very least. With “predictions” ranging from nominal to bizarre that are mostly unnoticed, we surely need to understand that everything is certainly not what it seems.

By Abhishek Aggarwal

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