Niantic: To Sue An ‘Association Of Hackers’

Niantic the creator’s of the world famous Augmented reality game ‘Pokemon Go’ and the forthcoming ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite,’. Have filed a suit against Global++, which is an association of ‘Hackers’ who allegedly created Hacked versions of the game.

These versions perceive as ‘Hack’ by Niantic and ‘Tweak’ by Global++, which gives players an unfair game-play advantage. Furthermore, also infringes their Intellectual property rights.

The mega-popular smartphone game developer has to be always a step ahead, since its launch in 2016. There have been times where people implement a sophisticated array of tools to loop by the rules. By automatically walking in circles to hatch eggs. Spotting exactly where rare Pokemon were, and even spoof their GPS locations. Traveling from one part of the world to the other.

We say ‘Tweak’, They say ‘Hack’

The app made by Global++ is a replica of the same game. But a ‘Tweaked’ version of Pokemon Go called the Pokego++. And they even have created the tweaked version for another game developed by Niantic ‘Ingress’ called ‘Ingress++’

The defendants of the Suit- Global++, Ryan ‘ElliotRobot’ Hunt is the claims to be the leader of the Hackers association and the principal developer of the organization. Further Alen ‘iOS n00b’ Hundur, helps develop the apps and promotes them on YouTube. The lawsuit also names 20 other defaulters who cannot be personally identified.

“Among other things, defendants’ schemes undermine the integrity of the gaming experience for legitimate players. Diminishing enthusiasm for Niantic games and this can even drive players away altogether. And the defendants basically damage Niantic reputation and goodwill and interfere with Niantic business,” the lawsuit says.

Furthermore, in the lawsuit alleges that Global++, have even made money out by selling ‘subscriptions’ off of these hacked apps. ‘On information and belief, defendants have sold subscriptions to their cheating programs to hundreds of thousands of users, reaping massive profits.’

Harry potter relation

The suit alleges that Global++ has already developed an app for ‘Harry Potter’ game called the ‘Potter++’. It is the cracked version of the original game. Niantic is still yet to launch, and they have invested a huge amount of money in the game. However, the beta versions are already running in New Zeland and Australia since April.

Niantic and co-developer ‘WarnerBrothers’ games are hosting a special event on Tuesday. At the Universal Studios, Hollywood. Where more details about the game and the expected launch dates.

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