When Hotstar made sure Netflix had no chill


    Netflix and Chill and Hotstar had a Hilarious relationship tiff, and it’s the best thing you’ll find on the internet today.

    It all Started with Netflix India’s post on its official Twitter account. Netflix is ‘Notorious for their presence in these sites for their savvy tweets and Hilarious posts.

    And where Netflix posted “We hang out every weekend. We eat all our meals together. Your parents know about us. Hate to break it to you, but we may be in a serious relationship.”


    And after Netflix posted this tweet, A user named @marathimanu commented on its thread saying,

    “We need to talk. I have been cheating on you with @HotstarPremium.”

    After which Hotstar responded with “Sorry, not sorry.”

    And this didn’t end here. Netflix wasn’t done yet, they retaliated by replying on the same thread saying,

    “We don’t mind you experimenting with a hot star but they’d never make you stream like we do.”

    After which Hotstar Shared a link on the thread of a web series called ‘INSECURE’ now streaming.


    Well Played Hotstar Well Played

    So, Who do you think played it better,Netflix and chill or Hotstar? Reply in the comments.


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