All that you need to know about the Microwave Challenge

Internet is a weird place and so is the world. Anything and everything starts trending once it is on the internet. But, did you ever imagine that you could be a dish inside a microwave? Yes, this bizarre challenge is trending over the internet and people are going gaga over it.

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What is the challenge? The participate has to sit in a posture like a dish inside the microwave and do a particular step and upload with the hashtag microwave challenge #microwavechallenge . The particular step mentions that the person have to be sitting down in the posture of a dish kept inside a microwave and slowly move with the hips as their base and do not have to move their arms and legs, just like a dish moves inside a microwave.

Thescrolllab/All that you need to know about the Microwave Challenge
Picture courtesy : The Daily Dot

It is not as simple as it looks like. The participant has to move to the soundtrack of the song, Slow dancing in the dark by Joji so that it perfectly times with the beats and the spinning of the body. So, here is the trick how you should be spinning in order to take up the challenge. As it is a human trick, you don’t know in how many takes is it going to appear perfectly fine and flawless.

The trend actually started when in the month of February 2019, @djtaylortot uploaded a video of his own taking up the microwave challenge on the famous app called TikTok and challenging others to take it. That is when the challenge took up a pace on the internet and started buzzing.

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When people say, “They said I can be anything so I became this” , I understood that people can actually be anything. From anywhere to anything, they can do anything possible and get it trending.


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