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Marinara on a pizza base.

Marinara on a pizza base.

Marinara  sauce is an Italian tomato sauce, usually made with tomatoes, garlic, herbs, and onions. Its many variations can include the addition of capers, olives, spices, and a dash of wine.

Widely used in Italian-American cuisine, the Marinara has diverged from its Old World origins.

Italians refer to marinara sauce only in association with other recipes. For instance, spaghetti alla marinara literally translates to “spaghetti mariner’s style” (from the adjective marinara with

Marinara as a dip.

Marinara as a dip.

the feminine suffix -a pertaining to salsa, Italian for “sauce”, and also to maniera, Italian for “style”), but tomato sauce alone in Italy is called sugo/salsa al/di pomodoro or pummarola (the latter being Neapolitan language).


Several folk theories exist as to the origin of this sauce: One version states that cooks aboard Neapolitan ships returning from the Americas invented marinara sauce in the mid-16th century after Spaniards introduced the tomato (a central Mexican “New World” fruit) to Europe. Another theory states that upon their return from sea wives of Neapolitan sailors prepared this sauce.

Historically, however, the first Italian cookbook to include tomato sauce, Lo Scalco alla Moderna (The Modern Steward), was written by Italian chef Antonio Latini and was published in two volumes in 1692 and 1694.

Latini served as the Steward of the First Minister to the Spanish Viceroy of Naples. This early tomato sauce was more like a modern tomato salsa.

Recipes for marinara differ all through history and geography, if you please. But the core ingredients remain largely the same.

The Marinara Sauce can be used as a pasta sauce, pizza base topping or if  a little roughly blended even as a dip or a canapé binder.


Eggs on Marinara.

Eggs on Marinara.


So let’s get on with it and prepare the yummiest sauce ever:

Marinara Sauce Recipe

(Makes 1.5 Cups)


03 big tomatoes, diced

1-2 flakes garlic

1 tsp honey

1 tbsp mint leaves

2 tbsp parsley/coriander leaves, chopped

1 tsp mustard powder

1 tsp sugar

2 tbsp grated cheese

2 tbsp fresh cream

Salt & Pepper to taste


  • Blend all the ingredients except cheese and cream for a few seconds.
  • Add cream and cheese and churn far another couple of seconds.

Recipe courtesy: Delshad Master

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