Lilly Singh AKA “Superwoman” Came Out As Bisexual On Twitter

The YouTube star, known as “Superwoman” revealed that she is bisexual. In the tweet, Lilly Singh checked off the boxes “female,” “coloured” and “bisexual,” saying that though these traits have “proven to be obstacles from time to time,” she is now “fully embracing them as superpowers.”

Lilly Singh, who is also an actress and played the role of Raven in HBO’s adaption of Fahrenheit 451, has been open with her 14.5 million subscribers about her personal life and struggles in the past.

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In November last year, she announced would be taking a break from making videos to focus on her mental health. The social media star explained that her decision had nothing to do with her fans or the site, but rather was something she needed for herself.

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The YouTube star revealed that she was suffering from depression. In one of the interviews, she said that “that was definitely something super difficult and I hate to play the race card, but especially as a South Asian female it’s really not talked about in my community at all, any type of mental illness.”

Lilly has been tweeting about her support for the LGBT community for many years (along with creating YouTube videos on LGBT issues), sharing her support for gay pride events and gay marriage long before she came out.

In 2016 she even said that she hoped one day she’d come out as bi. Three years later, she’s done just that.

The actress’ post was flooded with positive messages of love, including one from fellow YouTube star Hannah Hart, who wrote, “I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!!!” 

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Hours later her post went live on social media, Lily Singh thanked her fans for their support, tweeting, “Thank you so much for the love and positivity. Words can’t describe how much it means. I appreciate you all. Group hug.”

Many South Asians have expressed that Singh’s coming out is deeply significant for their community. Writer Afshan D’souza-Lodhi told BBC Newsbeat that “in the South Asian community there’s a hesitancy for women to take ownership of their sexuality in the way Lilly has done.”

“My parents have seen Superwoman videos. I’ve made them sit and watch them,” Afshan said. “They’ve laughed and found it really funny. The videos get shared on Facebook so they have access to that, so for her to come out and to normalize bisexuality in the way she has, allows our parents to have that discussion.”

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