Inside The Life Of An Influencer: Scroll Lab Exclusive, Prachi Agrawal

The Life Of A Social Media Influencer!

Prachi Agrawal started her YouTube and Blog journey more than 5 years ago, post her participation in the reality TV show on MTV Roadies (Season 8).

Being a social media influencer is a very lucrative and seemingly affable career choice that the Gen Y and Gen Z have really taken to. Laudco Media uncovers the reality of being a YouTuber in today’s day and age with Fashion, Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger and YouTuber Prachi Agrawal of  superWOWstyle fame.


You’ve been in the YouTube and digital industry for over 5 yrs, how have you seen the growth in your own channel as well as the perception of the digital space over the years?

The growth has been tremendous over the years, be it for the digital space or my channel. It’s been a gradual process and when I first started out, most of my viewers were not from India and no one knew much about YouTubers or Social Media Influencers in India but now everyone understands this space a lot more, which in turn has increased the credibility of influencers as well. The Internet has transformed into a new form of entertainment, growing exponentially. I would definitely bet on the digital space now; it’s growing rapidly and is certainly here to stay.

There’s a lot of fear and hesitation when you have to put yourself out there and voice your opinion online. What was the event or experience that led you to make your first video and upload it?

After Roadies, life changed quite a bit and as I was taken completely unawares it all felt quite over whelming. I shut myself off from the world and spent time in my room, day in and day out. Life seemed very stagnant and stuck.  Then one day I decided I wanted to create a space for myself on the World Wide Web and voice my opinion! What started out as something I did to just keep myself occupied went on to become so much bigger!, In the end however, everything worked out for the better.

As a woman in the digital space, how do you deal with gender specific hate and trolls? 

Thankfully there has been a gradual but steady growth on my channel. Hence, I slowly got used to the criticism and developed a thick skin while dealing with the haters and trolls.  However, for fairly new creators, especially if you’re young, it can definitely get to you, it might come as a shock in the beginning if you’re not expecting it, people can be cruel as they use anonymity as a crutch but the most important thing to keep in mind is to know the difference between hate/trolls and the ones who actually dish out constructive criticism.


How did you pick a niche for yourself?  

SuperWOWStyle started as a nail art channel and grew into various genres. I explored my interests, while keeping in mind what my audience wanted and enjoyed watching; which was DIY videos and home remedies. I went with the flow, experimenting with the content and understood the balance between what I wanted to do and my viewers’ preferences.

The counseling series, Smile With Prachi was also birthed as a result of this. I’ve always thought counseling is quite a noble profession and since I have an educational background in psychology, I wanted to fuse that with YouTube. Very often people go through tough times behind closed doors, not talking about their issues with anyone, which quickly plummets into a downward spiral. Highlighting these issues and helping individuals out lifts a lot of the pressure from the issue. The Internet and social media can be a great tool for seeking help and advice if we choose to use it that way.

Any Dos and Don’ts for aspiring influencers and YouTubers? 

A lot of people want to become content creators or influencers solely for the purpose of wealth and popularity but what they fail to understand is that it’s a huge give and take between the creator and the audience, if you don’t do justice to your content, it will not take you far. One must create a comfortable space, where one understands the content thoroughly and knows what they’re talking about.

Since you’ve worked with Laudco Media for several campaigns, what has your experience been like?

Working with Laudco Media has been absolutely amazing! Everyone there is very approachable and if ever there is an issue, I can just call Kevin, the Operations Manager and everything is sorted. Laudco really understands the needs of the brand as well as the needs of the influencer, and helps bridge the gap between the two; by no means an easy task.

Check out Prachi’s YouTube Channel, Instagram and Facebook Page.



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