India Vs England, ICC and Unicef tie for #OneDay4Childrens

    India vs England’s match today is one of the most unique matches in the history of the game.

    The India vs England match has been titled #OneDay4Children. The game today is at Edgbaston, Birmingham. The game not only bears special significance as the outcome of it will not only seal England’s fate in the tournament but it will also be the first of its kind match in a World Cup where children will take over the off-field duties, including pre and post-match activities, media conferences and in-match productions too. Vs England, ICC and Unicef tie for #OneDay4Childrens
    Courtesy@The Hindu

    The clash at Edgbaston will see players from both the world’s top-ranked one-day sides in special ‘#OneDay4Children’ branded outfits and kit.

    The ICC in partnership with UNICEF had announced ‘One Day for Children’ bringing together cricket’s one billion fans to help build a better world for every child in the cricket playing nations.

    #OneDay4Children game will use the power and reach of the ICC World Cup to help children learn to play and be healthy. ICC Commercial Partners are supporting the event with in-match donations. Uber pledging $500 for every 4 scored during the match and donating £500 for every wicket taken. In addition, Gray Nicolls has created a limited edition light blue bat for the day, with 25% of proceeds going to UNICEF.

    The intensity of the game!

    The match is a massive game between two tournament favourites. It remains a high stake contest but the dynamics have changed. India is on the strong side as they one need one point in the three remaining games of the tournament. But, will they retain the winning spree?

    The game is even electrifying because the outcome of the game will also decide who will take the ICC One day ranking as no.1, as of now India is no.1, but if the table turns England who is #no.2 will take the top place.

    England has a very crucial match on its hands. Stakes for this match are high as England is still unsure of a place in the semifinals while India can seal their position in the top 4 with a victory. England has struggled to maintain the track that they had in the early phase of the playoffs. Their last two matches were one of the most dishearting games as they suffered a shocking defeat against Sri Lanka in Leeds which England had it in their pockets, and then being outplayed by Australia in their previous game at Lord’s.

    We are going to have a breath-taking game the evening.

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