If You Could Have Just ONE Shopping Superpower; THIS Would Be It!

While Shopping If You Could Have Just ONE Superpower;

THIS Would Be It!

I always had my eyes set on this particular high end smartphone. However, this handset costs a bomb and would surely burn a hole in my pocket. Try as I might, the phone’s exorbitant cost was simply out of reach. On the other hand, waiting for a few months and saving up for it would have resulted in me losing out on a substantial discount being offered on it, by Flipkart. More so, delaying the purchase would mean depriving myself of the latest technology. 

Also, for freshly minted graduates and first jobbers like me owning a credit card is near impossible. Thus, buying the phone on EMIs was not a feasible option. I resigned myself to the fact that just like many of the other good deals I had lost out on earlier, this too would get added to the list.

That’s when Flipkart came to my rescue. India’s fastest growing online shopping portal, Flipkart, has broken new ground once again. They have introduced a new and innovative payment solution which places purchasing power in the hands of the common man. Now, thanks to Flipkart, one can avail EMIs on Debit Cards.

Which means YOU have the potential to shop whatever, whenever, however, and you already know the answer to where!

Everyone in India knows how debit cards work but never have EMIs been linked to debit cards. Debit cards control your spending by only letting you pay from what you have. EMIs on the other hand, help you phase out that spending. Now Flipkart, combines both concepts and introduces for the very first time – EMIs on Debit Cards. Putting you in the driver’s seat and in complete control of your monthly budget.

With this, Flipkart aims to level the playing field by giving the larger section of society that owns debit cards the freedom to buy everything, anytime!

The scheme aims specifically at those who cannot afford expensive, luxury products at one go. This innovative scheme allows you the bandwidth to buy any number of items, whatever their cost, whenever you like, even all together.

Moreover, the best part is that you reap all these benefits even if you have zero balance in your debit card. Plus, you needn’t spend sleepless nights first filling out lengthy paperwork and then worrying about your application getting rejected for some reason. That is because Flipkart simplifies your life by banishing the hassles of cumbersome paperwork and instead grants instant approvals. And all of this, at absolutely no processing fee.

How Exactly Do EMIs On Debit Card Actually Work?

First, go bonkers shopping on India’s leading and your favourite e-tailer, Flipkart. Load your cart with whatever you wish to own.

Then when you directed to the payments page, select Debit Card EMI as your preferred payment option.

Now, select the EMI tenure of your choice. You have three options depending on your propensity to repay. You may choose the 03, 06 or 12 month payment options.

Next, all you need to do is authorise the transaction using OTP/PIN or you could get directed to your bank’s net banking page.Here, you need to complete all your payment formalities as per your bank’s regulations.

Lastly, you need to confirm your EMI payment option.

Post which all you need to do is sit back and relax as your bank does the rest for you and converts the payment into EMI within 04 to 07 business days.

Finally, my dream of owning the smartphone I have always desired seems to be coming true, the same could hold good for you as well.

Now, the power to own the world; rests in your pocket. Unleash this superpower by visiting Flipkart: https://www.flipkart.com/affordability-store

Kyunki India Chahe Jo, Flipkart Banaye Woh!

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