“I think I flirt a lot!” – Janhvi Kapoor

The Dhadak actress Janhvi Kapoor was currently caught candid on the famous Anaita Shroff Adajanias’ chat show. While she was in a fun and jolly mood discussing about her work and personal life, she confessed that she flirts a lot.

The concept of the show is to let Bollywood stars get comfortable with Anaita and then talk about their personal life on the couch as they would do at their home. Janhvi Kapoor, who is Bollywood’s millenial star made quite a few interesting statements. One of them being, “I think I flirt a lot, even though I don’t intend to, it just happens to be..”

By flirting, she meant harmless flirting. She further said that, she doesn’t do it intentionally but out of curiosity to know people. She says that her curiosity comes across like she is interested in the person but she probably is not.

Picture credits – Seenit.in

Though she said some very interesting and fun things about her personal life, she also confessed that she believes in soulmates. She said that she is completely against the idea of friends with benefits. But, she completely believes in soulmates and their importance in life.

Meanwhile her fans are waiting for her next movie, she reveals that she is working on one. I guess most of her fans and viewers are excited to know more about her upcoming film .

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