Hrithik Roshan’s Vlog Got The Attention Of The Mumbai Police, For All The Wrong Reasons

With the advent of social media, we are all victim to posting things in hopes of being cool or do a challenge but we forget, “The Po Po” is watching!

Much like the Bengaluru City Police,  the Mumbai Police has a kickass social media team! A short while ago, they had issued an e-challan to actor Kunal Khemu for riding his bike without a helmet and sharing an image on Twitter. This time round, it is actor Hrithik Roshan who has gotten into trouble.

It’s amazing how the world has shrunk due to social media. Challenges spread like wild fire and before you know it, twitter is on fire.

Rajyavardhan Rathore, Union Minister for Sports and Youth Affairs, recently kickstarted a fitness challenge and asked people on Twitter to share how they stay fit.

For maximum eyeballs, he ‘tagged’ Hrithik Roshan, Virat Kohli, and Saina Nehwal to do the same. The minister urged the celebs to share their own fitness regime vlogs with the hashtag, Hum Fit Toh India Fit.

Although he was excited about the challenge, Hrithik got a little more than what he has asked for ! What also followed was a warning for Roshan from Mumbai Police for shooting his fitness vlog, while riding a bicycle. Apparently that’s how the Kaho Na Pyar Hai actor gets to work everyday. Unfortunately for him, most Twitter users could not get past the fact that he wasn’t observing basic safety.

One user called out his violation of traffic rules (by not wearing a helmet and for shooting the vlog while on the road), while also tagging Mumbai Police. Their response?

“Please share the location details for us to inform the concerned traffic division”, quipped the official police handle.



Your intentions might be right but the execution always counts!

Safety first and social media posts later kids!

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