How Cloud Computing Is Changing the World: Part 1

Cloud computing has changed the world as to how we know it in many different ways. Let’s have a look at on how exactly it has made an impact on billions of lives.

Entertainment Industry 



Almost 100 years ago, you got whatever a handful of broadcasters chose to put on the radio. And if you weren’t listening when it was broadcast, you aren’t going to listen to it again. You might have had few records to listen to, but that was about it. The records got scratched, skipped and weren’t even portable. In the late ’70s and ’80s, cassettes became much more popular, but you couldn’t skip between songs easily and the tape would sometimes come out of the case and get wrapped around the internal parts of the player. The pain is real.

Cassettes were smaller and lighter and much more portable, but they still required a relatively heavy player. The next big revolution was the Compact Disk, which was much smaller and lighter than records, but a little larger than tapes. CDs were capable to skip between tracks instantly and play in high definition. Then, the major breakthrough came in 2001 with the introduction of the Apple iPod. It is capable of holding thousands of songs and fit in the palm of your hand, and the battery last for many hours. This was a huge transition!

Nevertheless, who has an iPod today? None!


We stream music over the Internet from a variety of sources like iTunes Radio, Spotify or Google Music etc.,

CD collections have completely obsolete, as we can store all the music in the cloud. It’s possible to maintain an active music library of millions of songs at an affordable price. Cloud is remastering audio on a different level.



Videos were substantially the same, starting with broadcast TV in the 1930s. Signals often weren’t good, which involved with either rabbit ears on top of the TV or an unsightly antenna on the roof. You still had to be present at home and watching when your favourite TV show came on. In the 1940s, those who lived where TV reception was poor, they started to put huge antennas on top of a hill and then run a cable to a bunch of homes. This was the start of the cable TV industry.

In the 1980s and ’90s, cable TV channels grew rapidly, providing diverse content to watch. Still, you have to watch when your show was on unless you had a VCR.  But even then you had to know how to program the VCR, as well as when and what channel a show was on. This changed in the 2000s, with the arrival of the DVR, enabling you to record the shows you wanted to watch, and with its integration with the Internet, the DVR would know what shows were playing when and on which platform. This was much simpler and a big game changer.

Today, we watch “TV” on many devices that aren’t even TV’s. Due to the introduction of tablets, phones and computers. Videos are now stored onto the cloud and can be viewed from any device. Even more disruptive to the old cable TV industry is streaming movies and TV shows over the Internet using services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and Hulu, just to name a few. Everyone in the world at the moment has access to these platforms to view videos.


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Another big change is how we learn things. As years went by, students would go to schools from Primary all the way through college, and they just sit and listen to a teacher, who had been educated in the very same manner. The problem is that teachers can only effectively teach only so many in a classroom and getting into that kind of classroom can be expensive and is out of reach for the vast majority of people worldwide.

Solution? Well, there are several. First is online, or distance, learning. This method is used even by students who are home-schooled too. Many get their degrees entirely online. 

Furthermore, meetings between groups of people are online using WebEx, GoToMeeting and other similar platforms, allowing project collaboration by people around the world. People can view and share documents from any device and even see each other work from almost anywhere.

Another even more run-of-the-mill way the Internet has changed our education is e-books. From the young who like to carry around a whole library on their e-reader or tablet, to the old who like to resize the font as their vision declines, many people love the idea of having a variety of books to read in a single. Frequent travellers love how they can always have a book to read without the weight of hauling books around.

For the category of people who prefer to learn by watching instead of reading, TED Talks are freely available on a wide variety of topics by a diverse group of speakers and is a great way to uncover a broad range of ideas from the world’s greatest intellects. YouTube is also another great way to learn how to do almost anything, from computer-related tasks to construction to car maintenance.

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