Google Maps Geared Up To Roll With Brand New Features!


    The search giant confirmed that Maps would now let users see speed limits or detect speed cameras! The features are rolling at full speed on both iOS and Android.

    After running tests in the US, Google is now letting the speed limits and mobile radar locations to take over in about 40 countries, including India.

    Google has given the green signal that Maps now lets users see speed limits, speed cameras as well as mobile speed cameras in more than 40 countries worldwide.

    The speed limits will appear in the bottom corner of the maps and the speed cams will pop up as icons on the road.

    Android users will additionally be able to report mobile speed cameras and stationary cameras, while both iOS and Andriod users will be able to view these updates while driving. Won’t that be great? You multi-task while on a long-drive and thus be updated!

    Google started the tests in 2017 in the San Francisco Bay area in California and Rio in Brazil.

    These features are inspired by ‘Waze’; a navigation app acquired by Google in 2013. Do you know all that ‘Waze’ app is capable of?

    ‘Waze’ navigation app waves its magic wand and becomes an expert in crowdsourcing reports like police ahead,crashes, cars pulled over to the side of the road, gas prices, road closures, obstacles on the path like the presence of a red light, cameras and many more features to take you by complete surprise!

    Are you a frequent Google Map user? If not, you shall definitely be latched onto it soon!

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