Good Omens: The Apocalypse Is Here

    Amazon Prime Video is releasing Good Omens, the live-action adaptation of the legendary fantasy fiction by Neil Gaiman and late Sir Terry Pratchett.

    “On 31st May 2019, the world ends.”

    A short notice period? Indeed. The world is ending, not real but on the contrary, in the reel. Are you in for the ride?

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    The plot of the book, in short, an angel and demon dream team works together to stop the end of days. Furthermore, they’ve been frenemies since through thick and thin, spanning 6000+ years.
    Credits- Hollywood Reporter

    With a stellar cast ranging from David Tennant (Doctor Who, Jessica Jones), Michael Sheen (Masters of Sex, Underworld movie series), Jon Hamm (Mad Men, Baby Driver).

    What to expect?

    In addition to these acting giants, we get to hear the Voice of God herself, Academy Award winner Frances McDormand, and many other talented casts join in for this rollercoaster ride.

    Easter eggs are in abundance, as the show explores the characters since the dawn of humanity, from Garden of Eden to present-day Climate Change phenomenon.

    Credits- For Reading Addicts

    The show’s theme has been scored by David Arnold, known for his work in the Bond movie series. Equally important is the abundance of classic rock in any apocalypse show/movie. With songs from the GOAT, Queen, AC/DC and The Beatles, your ears will be in for a treat. 

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    This is a TV show for buddy-cop fans, the Whovians from Doctor Who. Also, people to make them stop worrying about the end of the World. Everyone (18+) can sit and watch this mega event 6 episodic limited series.

    Above all, this is a Neil Gaiman classic, whose books and comics like The Sandman hold a special space in the shelf of the reader. So, why are you still here? Go ahead and log into Amazon Prime Video today and get ready for the apocalypse.

    By- Alvin Divyank Lakra

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