Things That Every Girl Will Relate To During Their Period

Periods, chums, cycle, etc. these are a few common words that scares every girl. But we all know that women are much more stronger than these words and the biggest nightmare – PERIODS.

Yes, Periods! It is that time of the month when women are on a complete roller coaster of mood swings. From being extremely cranky to extremely loving, they showcase their every emotion.

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But below are the few things which every girl will relate to while she is chumming/ on her periods.

Feels like killing everyone

From the stranger sitting next to her to the partner, she will feel like killing everyone who even dares to breathe in front of her while she is on her periods. No matter how loving you might be behaving with her that time, but if she has decided to bombard you, nobody can save you from her.

A tub of ice cream can heal everything

She can be feeling bloated all day long but her stomach will be craving for only one thing – a tub full of ice cream. A tub full of ice cream is that one thing that can calm her down and control all of her mood swing during periods. Mark my words, a tub full of ice cream is the only thing she needs

Crying is the favourite timepass

No matter how much happy or emotionless situation she is in, crying is mandatory for her while she is on her periods. Without crying her day cannot come to an end. Food is not good, cry ; someone did not pick up the call, cry ; weather is not good, cry. Crying is the ultimate weapon.

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Binge sleeping

Bed is her  best friend, boyfriend, mom, everything while she is on her periods. She cannot find solace in any other thing than bed. Bed is the therapy to all of her problems. She knows sleeping will make her avoid human communication and it will all be sorted for her.

There is nothing like chocolate

This is one thing that every girl will relate to while she is on her periods. Throw a chocolate on her and you will be the 2nd best thing for her, chocolate still being the first for her. You cannot beat the chocolate therapy anyway.

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Belly rubs are one heavenly feeling

The worst thing about periods are the cramps that she go through. And belly rubs work like magic. No pain killer can also heal the cramps the way belly rubs can. Belly rubs are definitely a thing to charm her because belly rubs are the best gesture while she is on her periods.

So, next time when a girl is on her periods, make sure you stay at least 200 meters away or be ready with the above things so that she does not feel like killing you at least.


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