Yogendra + Nishant. Gay Twins By Birth; Proud By Choice

This is the story of twin brothers, Yogendra and Nishant Mule. 

Both gay and loving it!

Yogendra + Nishant

Early Realisation

twin brothers as kidsYogendra and Nishant Mule must have been all of eleven when they’d collectively discuss about their crush on their school professor. They might not have understood it then but they were gradually unveiling layers of their undiscovered sexuality.

Several other crushes on fellow classmates and teachers later they both helped each other understand how they were different from boys their age. Both were comfortable in their own skin. Their friends, they say however, seemed to have figured it out even earlier thanks to their odd mannerisms.

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Coming Out

Propelled by the sex ed class they had in school in Class IX, they had a life altering moment and came out together to their parents. Until then both Yogendra and Nishant would always wonder if there was something wrong with them.

mamma with twins

Fortunately for them their parents heard them out and were extremely supportive. In fact, their parents claimed to have already known but were just awaiting the moments their kids realised the same. From Day1, they encouraged the twins to be themselves and live life proud and tall.

“Your happiness lies only with you”, they said. “So always live doing only what makes you happy, never ever compromise on that.”

They remain heavily indebted to their parents for their love, understanding and an amazingly progressive attitude.

Unconditional Love

Yogendra Mule

Yogi with his friends, his backbone and support system.

Yogi & Nishant were also very fortunate to have extremely supportive and understanding friends and family. They never faced any discrimination or awkwardness on that count. On the contrary their friends and family are like their backbone that keeps them standing tall and strong.

“When you are out and proud, people around you will adjust and eventually accept. Therefore, always stay true to yourself.”

At Work And Play

Both brothers came ‘out’ at their workplaces as well and found unconditional acceptance there as well. Yogendra is a Creative Director at a leading Production house in Mumbai, while Nishant works as Hospitality Manager in the Hotel industry.

Rocking Drag on stage!

Yogi and Nishant rocking it on stage! Pic Credits: Q Graphy

award winning marathi filmYogi is also an actor having several films and ad films to his credit. His very first movie as an actor won as many as 16 international awards. He has been a recipient of multiple ‘Best Actor’ awards and is closely associated with the queer film festival, ‘Kashish’.

In their off time, the twins do drag and truly rock it! They look beautiful and super professional in their feminine Avataars.

Yogendra Mule performing on stage, in drag.

Yogi is also associated with the group Dancing Queens. Its a first of its kind group that encourages transgender people and others as well to showcase their talent in the performing arts.

While Yogi loves to dress stylishly as a man, his life as an actor and model compel him to drag. Nishant on the other hand does drag only when in the company of close friends.

Yogi also moonlights as a comedian and drag performer with a Production House ColorPositive.

Color Positive is primarily a production house that brings out talent from the queer community as well as straight allies. As a group they put out stories that affect the LGBT community as a whole. Apart from this, they are also very passionate about Women’s Rights, Animal Welfare and Child Sex Abuse.

 Passing On the Baton

Yogi & Nishant at an LGBT concert

Both brothers concur that although ‘coming out’ was a fairly smooth transition for them, it needn’t always be so for everyone. Just like all 5 fingers aren’t alike, not all parents possess the same progressive mindset as others.

So their advice to all who wish to come out is, don’t do so in a hurry. First assess your immediate surroundings, especially the mindsets of your parents and immediate family. If you feel they would not approve, try and find yourself a strong support system in friends, colleagues or affiliate groups.

And, if you are among the fortunate ones to have supportive parents don’t abuse their love and trust. Feel blessed for it and nurture it with care.

“We, have been lucky to have each other in our lives. We are both each other’s pillar of strength and unflinching support. Not everyone is as lucky.”

LGBT In India

Standing proud

Over the years, we have seen things change in India. Earlier people never understood what ‘Gay’ meant. Now they know, there are conversations around it and gradually the awareness is growing. NGOs, activists, filmmakers, LGBT Allies like FSOG all help in educating people and spreading the message of compassion and acceptance. Special film festivals are being organised for the LGBT community alone. That is an extremely progressive step.

Even corporates are turning inclusive and redrafting HR policies to be more accommodating and appreciative of multiple sexualities.

Both of us strive to be flag bearers of our community as well and speak up openly on every given platform at every opportunity possible.

We have received a lot of love from family and friends and hope to pass it along to all others.

Written by: Delshad Master

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