Firefighters Quench A Tired Hummingbird

Firefighters Offer A New Lease Of Life To A Tired Hummingbird


We all know that the civic services are equipped and trained to come to our rescue as quickly as possible whenever the need arises. And among them, firefighters generally use water to extinguish fires.


But in a rare and heartwarming display of compassion firefighters at Fairfax County Fire and Rescue Department resuscitated a tired, down-and-out hummingbird who accidentally dropped in there and paid them an emergency, surprise visit.


The day shift at Station 31, Fox Mill immediately swung into action and decided to treat the tired and lethargic guest to some sugar-water via a syringe. On having had its fill, the petite, winged guest picked up its strength and took to the skies once again, happy and recharged.


Just goes to show that when you have the heart and the intention to help, no aid is small enough and no creature not worthy enough.


For all you animal, bird and nature lovers out there please try and extend a helping hand whenever you can especially in the summers. Even if you are afraid or maybe not so fond of our 4 legged or winged friends, spare a tiny thought for them in the sweltering summer months and put out a broken bucket/ basin/ pot filled with water for them, to quench their thirst.

There is a global NGO that has its chapters present in almost all of India’s cities and is already involved in doing a similar deed; it’s called The Water Bowl Project. They have volunteers spread across the city that give out earthen bowls, responsibly sourced from village artisans, absolutely free of cost to anyone who is interested in taking the cause forward.

The only effort you need to make from your end is to reach out to them, collect the pots, place them strategically around your house and refill them daily with clean water.


Keep alive our age old Indian tradition of ‘Atithi Devo Bhava’ for fellow humans and all other creatures big and small.

Written by:- Delshad Master


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