Woman Creates A Guide For Ex-Boyfriend’s Future Girlfriend

    A guy recently took on Twitter to post pictures of a list made by his ex of all the things he likes, starting from how he likes sleeping with the AC and fan on to back rub massages. According to sources, she jotted down advice on “how to be his girlfriend” including points like avoiding gossip about him to not getting annoyed when he sits in front of the TV all night.

    “His favourite ice cream is chocolate chip,” reads one of the tips, while another says: “He likes to sleep with the ac/fan on so get a blanket when you go over as it gets cold as sh*t.”

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    The post adds: “He likes to have his back rubbed/massaged so be prepared your hands may cramp but he loves it so you gotta keep going.”

    “Oh yeah and don’t finish a Netflix series without him because then he tries to finish it and you just spoil it for him,” said another.

    There is a total of 23 different tips, also including: “You will constantly hear negative things about him from people, but just ignore it, trust me it ain’t worth the fight.”

    thescrolllab - ex letter 1
    Image courtesy – storypick.com
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    How netizens reacted

    The tweet was like liked over 13,000 times and garnered 2,100 retweets, but social media users were divided over the sentiment.

    “This must have broken her heart to write for another woman because you can tell how much she still loves him,” wrote one moved Twitter user.

    “Bro I hope she ain’t yo ex no more, u know it’s love when u got a note section abt em haha [sic],” said another.

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    However, others weren’t impressed by the list, as one added: “This is literally my worst nightmare.”

    “If a man gave me this list from his ex I’d run,” shared somebody else. While a third tweeted: “If someone I was dating gave me a letter from their ex we would immediately be finished.”

    Source – storypick.com, pretty52.com

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