Eating Breakfast Is Unorthodox

Breakfast or the principal feast of the day is nothing but a fantasy created by the cereal brands, scientists confirm.

When I was growing up my mom made sure that I had something in my belly before I got on my school bus. She said breakfast would help me stay focused and do well.


I’d rather not comment on how focused I was in school even though there is a study that I think my mom may have read.

However, I feel remorseful when I skip breakfast, as I don’t have a reason to feel otherwise.

I have to give credit to TV ad’s purposeful publicity that guaranteed eating grains would make us lean and athletic, that morning meal keeps our digestion on track and encourages us to abstain from hogging later.

Before we get into what the science says, let’s walk down the memory lane and find out who is the trendsetter.

Many — if not most — studies demonstrating that breakfast eaters are healthier and manage weight better than non-breakfast eaters were sponsored by Kellogg or other breakfast cereal companies whose businesses depend on people believing that breakfast means ready-to-eat cereal.

Marion Nestle

Debunking Pervasive Myths ‘Breakfast is most important meal of the day.’

Coffee Can Fight Dementia & Parkinson's : Study
  • Eating Breakfast Kick-Starts The Metabolism

Metabolism is nothing but the thermic effect of food- increase in calories burned after you eat.

However, what matters for metabolism is the total amount of food consumed throughout the day; making no difference on the basis of interval, or how often, you eat.

morning feast
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Note: Studies show that there is no difference in calories burned over 24 hours between people who eat or skip breakfast.

  • Skipping Breakfast Makes One FAT

Your gym trainer may have told you that you may end up having gastritis if you skip breakfast.

But that remains a possibility even when you end up having cheat days where you surprise your body with foods rich in fat and carbs.

Unhealthy eating
You become what you eat

Skipping morning feasts is part of the famous 16/8 method too.

Is It Worth Eating Breakfast?

If you have the time in the morning and you are not always late to office, then I don’t see why anyone would not want to eat as the study proposes that it’s not entirely pointless.

Excuse the foodie in me!

Further clarifying what the study states is that eating breakfast may not be a fruitful weight loss strategy either.

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According to the nutrition specialist at Yale,David Katz, it’s a good time to fuel our system with high fiber and fruits.

Others like Nestle, who is not just a nutrition researcher but also a long time skipper of breakfast, suggests it does not make any difference.

Nestle has rightfully said that as long as one does not eat junk food every time, they are good to eat at whatever time that is convenient for them.

My sweet tooth is already sensing that you want to substitute healthy foods with desserts and then skip eating food the entire day, in hope of saving yourself from all the calories.

I, personally would not advice that at all.

Dessert for breakfast
Image Courtesy: Spoon University

If you’re not a breakfast eater, you don’t have to be distressed because best of researchers suggest you are good to go either way.

Comment below and tell us if you’re a breakfast eater or not.

Don’t forget to share your weight loss strategy too.

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