Disneyland Paris Announced Its First Ever LGBT Pride Event

The Happiest Place on Earth is about to get even happier for the LGBTQ community. Disneyland Paris is set to become the first-ever Disney theme park to host an official Pride event.

Magical Pride will take place on June 1, 2019, kicking off the month-long Pride festivities. It will feature a parade, a party, exclusive character meet and greets, and will give guests the opportunity to go on some of the park’s most popular attractions late into the evening. There will also be musical performances.

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“Join us for this celebration of Pride at the place where dreams come true,” reads a statement on Disney’s website.

Image courtesy – thepointsguy.com

“Gay Days” at Walt Disney World in central Florida have been held the first Saturday in June since 1991, but the company has never officially sanctioned the event. According to Gay Star News, Magical Pride has been unofficially taking in Disneyland Paris since 2014, but this year marks the first time the park is endorsing and organizing the parade.

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According to Disney Magical Pride Instagram page, organizers are partnering with many LGBT influencers and bloggers like @the.west.wing and @daddyanddad.

The multinational mass media and entertainment company has been slowly adopting and promoting LGBT views, as seen on its television shows and movies such as “Beauty and the Beast,” and “Doc McStuffins” in 2018. In 2017, “Star vs. the Forces of Evil” introduced the company’s first male princess on the same show that previously drew controversy for featuring the first same-sex kisses.

Source – comicbook.com, thrillist.com, Christianpost.com, thehill.com, independent.co.uk

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