David Gilmour Raised $21.5 million To Fight Global Warming

    David Gilmour, the Guitarist of British Psychedelic rock band ‘Pink Floyd, auctioned his Guitar collection for $21.5 million. And he donated all the preceding to fight global warming.
    David Gilmour, one of the most admired guitar players in history, auctioned his entire 125-guitar collection.

    thescrolllab.com-Culture/David Gilmour Raised $21.5 million To Fight Global Warming

    Pink Floyd was always socially aware and provided many savage anti-establishment anthems. Even though he is one of the most commercially successful artists of all-time, Gilmour has always stuck to his principles.

    The collection is up for display at Christie’s, who has created a virtual tour of the collection. The idea was to get the highest possible audience.

    In total, 58 of Gilmour’s guitars sold for $100,000 or more. Out of these, 20 guitars are now among the most valuable guitars to have ever sold at an auction.

    The Black Stratocaster

    thescrolllab.com-Culture/The Black Stratocaster

    The crown jewel of the auction was the “Black Strat” which sold for US$3.975 million. Hence, becoming the most valuable guitar ever sold, privately or at auction. The Black Strat was Gilmour’s primary performance and recording guitar in each and every Pink Floyd album from 1970 to 1983. In addition to all four of his solo albums. It is the primary guitar used in the albums The Dark Side of the Moon (1973), Wish You Were Here (1975), Animals (1977) and The Wall (1979). It was also the guitar player in the famous Gilmour guitar solos by Floyd: ‘Shine on You Crazy Diamond’ and ‘Comfortably Numb’.

    thescrolllab.com-Culture/Reach Out to Asia

    The previous record was $2.7 million, raised by the “Reach Out to Asia”, the Fender Stratocaster auctioned for charity. Furthermore, it has signatures of various Guitarists like, Eric Clapton, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Brian May, Jimmy Page, Jeff Beck, Pete Townshend, Mark Knopfler, Ray Davies, Liam Gallagher, Ronnie Wood, Tony Iommi, Angus and Malcolm Young, Paul McCartney, Sting, Ritchie Blackmore, Bryan Adams and David Gilmour.

    Glimour’s legendary White Stratocaster #0001

    thescrolllab.com-Culture/Glimour's legendary White Stratocaster #0001

    The guitar was clearly built as a showcase piece with its white body, maple neck, three-way pick up selector and gold hardware. Gilmour purchased the White Strat from their own technician Phil Taylor, who had bought it from Seymour Duncan. Gilmour used it to play ‘Marooned’, ‘Coming Back to Life’ and ‘Sorrow’ in 2004 at Wembley Arena, for Stratocaster’s 50th anniversary. The Guitar fetched a whopping $1.8 million

    1969 C.F. Martin D-35 Acoustic Guitar

    thescrolllab.com-Culture/1969 C.F. Martin D-35 Acoustic Guitar

    This guitar was purchased from a musician who was selling his guitar on the street outside Manny’s Music in New York in 1971. It became Dave Gilmour’s primary studio acoustic guitar since 1971. The Guitar sold for $1.09 million.
    When asked by Guitar Player magazine in 2003 which of his guitars had the most songs attached to it, Gilmour replied, “I guess it would be my Martin D-35. I used it on Wish You Were Here, and I’ve been using it ever since.”
    The D-35 can be heard on Welcome To The Machine. Further, in the title track of ‘Wish You Were Here’, it was a tribute to former band member Syd Barrett.

    1984 Fender Stratocaster 57V Guitar

    thescrolllab.com-Culture/1984 Fender Stratocaster 57V Guitar

    Gilmour acquired the guitar in 1984. The flashy Candy Apple Red 57V Stratocaster became Gilmour’s primary studio recording and performance guitar from 1988 to 2005. Gilmour plays the guitar on Paul McCartney’s album and it was for the solo in ‘No More Lonely Nights’.

    It made its first stage appearance at the Live Aid concert in 1985. When Gilmour’s sunburst 57V Stratocaster failed during the first song of a set with Bryan Ferry on vocals, and Gilmour on guitar. The guitar got auctioned for $615,000.

    These guitars are the most valuable of the lot, and if you want to see the whole collection, you can check it out at Christie’s.

    Well, David has always been someone who is very selfless. And the amount of money raised by the auction is going towards the betterment of the future.

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