Chernobyl Spreading Like Wildfire On IMDB?

    Until recently, Game of Thrones and Breaking Bad were neck-to-neck in the battle of ‘The best show ever on IMDB’. But after GOT released their 8th season, fans weren’t happy and backlashes on the makers brought their doom.'ChernobylspreadinglikewildfireonIMDB

    But now, there is this ‘charming warrior’ who has emerged to claim the ‘Throne’. Just 3 episodes down the line in it’s total out of 5, Chernobyl has instantly hit the charts and proudly picked the top-spot on IMDB with a 9.7 rating! A brilliant one at that, don’t you think? Breaking bad secures the second position at 9.5 while GOT had to be content with a 9.4!'ChernobylspreadinglikewildfireonIMDB

    And Chernobyl is not only our ‘hero’ on IMDB but on Rotten Tomatoes as well, its rating shoots up to 96%.

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    The Perfect Show

    The perfect show with a perfect rating for a perfect weekend!

    The show gives detailed information about the Chernobyl tragedy, widely regarded as one of the worst man-made catastrophes in the history of Mankind. The show will take you through the first few hours and nerve-wracking days after the tragedy!. The series narrates the events as the soviet union tried to cover up and contain the catastrophe.

    There are no dragons or drugs BUT there are dreadful lies, there is a deadly poison and innocent lives are lost due to the arrogance of political leaders. Does it sound brutal enough? Enough to catch your attention?

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    Furthermore, disaster struck after errors were made by the poorly trained night shift workers, who were readily working on how reactor number four would cope in a power cut. Anatoly Dyatlov, the deputy chief engineer made reckless decisions and an explosion was triggered which released 400 times more radiation than the bomb dropped on Hiroshima. Ouch!

    The show depicts how the disaster was contained with all the confusion and the authority coming into play while everything else was falling apart! Feel all the emotions in one place!'ChernobylspreadinglikewildfireonIMDB

    The Show is a joint production by ‘HBO’ and ‘SKY’ , and it is available for Indian Viewers on Hotstar.

    So, Who do you think is going to retain the Charts?

    You do the honors!


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