• An Island in Norway to get ‘Time free’ Zone!

    An Island in Norway to get ‘Time free’ Zone!0

    Norway, where the sun doesn’t set, an island has ‘Days’ for 69 days of the year (that lasts from May 18 to July 26), and they want to go “time free” (which mean a place without a Time Zone). Furthermore, have more flexible traditional business hours, schools and working hours to make the most of

  • Donald Trump To Call Strike On Iran

    Donald Trump To Call Strike On Iran0

    Donald Trump reportedly initially gave approval for the military to launch strikes on Iran in retaliation for Tehran shooting down a US drone. US officials were expecting strikes on a few under the radar and missile sites. Further, the president’s top national security officials and congressional leaders gathered at the White House, from a local

  • Libra: Facebook’s Cryptocurrency

    Libra: Facebook’s Cryptocurrency0

    Libra, is a cryptocurrency developed by Facebook, was announced on Tuesday and will roll out in 2020. The platform will allow billions of its users to perform financial transactions using ‘Libra’. Cryptocurrency is always under speculation, as there is no regulatory authority and is always a subject of scrutiny. Hence, Facebook faces increasing calls for

  • Mushrooms Can Eat Plastic?

    Mushrooms Can Eat Plastic?0

    Plastic is a curse on humankind, which we have brought on ourselves. Its been overwhelming the planet, since the creation of it. Plastic takes around 400 years to decompose, which is a lot of time, considering the time for any organic material which doesn’t take more than a year. The best result would be if

  • Niantic: To Sue An ‘Association Of Hackers’

    Niantic: To Sue An ‘Association Of Hackers’0

    Niantic the creator’s of the world famous Augmented reality game ‘Pokemon Go’ and the forthcoming ‘Harry Potter: Wizards Unite,’. Have filed a suit against Global++, which is an association of ‘Hackers’ who allegedly created Hacked versions of the game. These versions perceive as ‘Hack’ by Niantic and ‘Tweak’ by Global++, which gives players an unfair

  • Eden Hazard Fulfils His Dream Of A Lifetime

    Eden Hazard Fulfils His Dream Of A Lifetime0

    Eden Hazard, the boy from Belgium is the core forward of Real Madrid after they presented him in front of a huge crowd at Santiago Bernabeu stadium. Following the €150 million transfer from Chelsea. “I have dreamt of this moment since my childhood while playing in my family’s garden,” he adds, after passing the medical