• What is Launda Naach?

    What is Launda Naach?0

    Launda Naach translates to Boy Dance, wherein launda is an expletive. Launda Naach is a folk art form from Bihar and eastern Uttar Pradesh. The art form dates back to the 11th century. Back then, women were not allowed to perform in public ceremonies. Because of this, many men took up the role of a

  • Cyclonic Storm ‘Vayu’ To Hit Gujarat Today

    Cyclonic Storm ‘Vayu’ To Hit Gujarat Today0

    Vayu the ‘Very Severe’ cyclonic storm is hitting the coasts of Gujarat today. The state has initiated an impressive rescue effort. Over 2.5 lakh people in 500 coastal villages are evacuated to safer locations. Heading towards the Saurashtra coast on Thursday afternoon. Vayu is the deadliest storm to hit the state since 1998 when a

  • Earthquake Hits Northen Parts Of Gujarat

    Earthquake Hits Northen Parts Of Gujarat0

    On 5th June, Wednesday night, a magnitude 4.3 earthquake shook parts of Banaskantha and adjoining districts in North Gujarat. However, the State control room reported no damage to property or casualties. Data released by the Gandhinagar- based Institute of Seismological research said tremors were recorded at 10.31 pm. It had a latitude of 24.300 N,