• Phoebe Talks About Body Shaming While On Friends

    Phoebe Talks About Body Shaming While On Friends0

    Comparing ourselves to other women isn’t just unhealthy but counterproductive as well. Yet, it is the way of life for some people. Furthermore, it’s wrong to feel like someone’s perfections automatically means that we’re flawed, and yet, it can happen to the best of us. Lisa Kudrow recently opened up about the constant body shaming

  • 5 Ways To Use Vitamin E For Skin Care

    5 Ways To Use Vitamin E For Skin Care0

    Recently, I’ve been having breakouts and I don’t have time to visit a dermatologist. That’s when I decided to find ways to take care of my skin on my own and Vitamin E worked wonders. Why Vitamin E? It’s the only vitamin that contains antioxidants that help in repairing the damaged skin cells, further making

  • 5 Grooming Hacks For Men

    5 Grooming Hacks For Men0

    All men want to look good. But none of us want to spend more time than is absolutely necessary in front of the bathroom mirror each morning. That’s why we have compiled this list of handy, life-enhancing grooming tips for men to look their best. A cold pack hides a hangover One of the most

  • Get Rid Of Cuticles Without Manicure

    Get Rid Of Cuticles Without Manicure1

    Cuticles are not easy to take care of! It’s not always convenient to visit the salon weekly for a manicure to take care of your cuticles or the dead skin growing around your nails. Regardless of how extra it looks, make sure you never cut your cuticles or bite them off as many of us

  • Looking For The Best Oily Skin Product?

    Looking For The Best Oily Skin Product?0

    Oily skin can be caused by a whole lot of unexpected factors like stress, overusing certain skin care products, or even getting a tan! In my case, oily skin makes my life hard during summers when I break into sweat and for causes yet to be discovered by me. I may have gotten too comfortable with my acne

  • Laura Dodsworth & 100 Vulvas

    Laura Dodsworth & 100 Vulvas1

    Laura Dodsworth has earlier promoted body positivism by making individuals embrace their breasts and penises. In order to let go of the ideas of how ones private parts should look like. This time Laura Dodsworth’s project-Womanhood is to help women and transwomen to not feel ashamed of other people’s idea of how a perfect vulva