Cheap Bikini Turned Woman Into ‘Smurf’

    A woman was left in shock after a £60 bikini from Pretty Little Thing turned her “blue like a smurf” when she was in a spa.

    In disbelief, 22-year-old Alisha said she got home and decided to wash the blue and gold sequined bikini set – only to find the water in the sink turned a bright blue colour.

    To her surprise, after she contacted the online fashion retailer she was told that the swim wear was not actually for swimming in.

    It was simply for “poolside posing only”.

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    Alisha, from Swansea, told the Mirror Online: “I was in a spa when I wore it so I was stained blue like a smurf, I was just in shock really it was funny looking back.

    “And then I hand washed as they suggested and it was just pouring out, it smelt awful so I was concerned then.

    “It’s only for ‘poolside posing’ and they’ll still charge you £60 a set, absolutely laughable.”

    Alisha shared the pictures and the conversation she had with Pretty Little Thing’s customer advisors on Twitter, and the post has since racked up more than 24,000 retweets.

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    What people over Internet are saying

    “So they’re making swimwear strictly for IG models now?” one commenter wondered

    “But it’s still not swim wear – so it’s a bra and pantie set? So outside underwear,” another offered.

    “Most bra and panty sets can still be worn in water so these are just a waste,” another sagely replied.

    “What happens if you get sweaty, do you go blue in certain areas [?]” one asked.

    “As someone who usually doesn’t get in the pool or water I would really like a better version of these poolside posing suits,” one joked.

    thescrolllab - bikini blue
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    When contacted for comment on the story, reps for PrettyLittleThing offered Fox News’ the following statement:

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    “PrettyLittleThing does advise customers on the styles which we do not recommend be worn for swimming. These are highlighted as ‘pool side posing’ only and are designed for day/evening wear holiday dressing/pool side posing,” a spokesperson said via email on May 21. “If customers are unsure, our customer service team are available to advise further on which styles cannot be worn for swimming.”

    Moving forward, Alisha wrote on Twitter that she was ultimately issued a refund for the purchase and a discount for future shopping.

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