Bajaj Is All Set To Enter The Electric Two-Wheeler Market

Bajaj dominated most of the market share in the Indian Motorcycle market. They are now setting sights on the emerging electric vehicle market with ‘Urbanite’ in India.

Rajiv Bajaj, the CEO, confirmed that we might see the company’s first e-bike “Very soon.”

Bajaj Auto will now have separate Verticals like MotorCycles (Bajaj Branded motorcycle) and Pro biking(KTM motorcycles). Also comprises of, Commercial Vehicles(Three wheelers and quadricycles), Exports(Motorcycles and commercial vehicles) and now into the Electic Segment with Urbanite. Is All Set To Enter The Electric Two-Wheeler Market

Estimated release of the vehicle will be in late 2019 to mid-2020s’.

As per reports on the press conference, Urbanite aims to create presence like Tesla in the two-wheeler segment. This means Bajaj plans to focus more on the performance aspect of the e-bikes. It is also expected that Bajaj will begin with a scooter which is going to be a competitor for Ather Energy’s S340 Scooter.

A Camouflaged advanced prototype of the Upcoming Bajaj scooter was spotted testing on public roads. The design of the scooter looks like a retro-styled design, which will mark Bajaj Auto’s comeback into the Scooter segment after its Famous scooter ‘Chetak’, but which will be an electric vehicle.

Thanks to the Camo we don’t have an exact picture of how the product is going to look, hence we have to wait till the release of the vehicle.

Expect the Scooter to have a full-digital, Super-useful instrument panel and alloy wheels with disc breaks, as well as a funky overall design on the first vehicle to roll out of ‘Urbanite’ Bajaj.

So is the Electric vehicle segment ready for the Indian Market?

We have nothing else, but to wait and see.


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