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  • Get Rid Of Cuticles Without Manicure

    Get Rid Of Cuticles Without Manicure1

    Cuticles are not easy to take care of! It’s not always convenient to visit the salon weekly for a manicure to take care of your cuticles or the dead skin growing around your nails. Regardless of how extra it looks, make sure you never cut your cuticles or bite them off as many of us

  • Fruits For Different Skin Types

    Fruits For Different Skin Types2

    Fruits are going to be your skin saviours if you have been managing skin issues like dull, inert, wrinkled or tired skin, this proposes your skin needs care. Don’t just mash them up to apply on your face though, if you eat these yummy fruits daily then you will still manage to see a glowing

  • Steve Irwin- The Wildlife Saver and Face On Google Doodle Today

    Steve Irwin- The Wildlife Saver and Face On Google Doodle Today2

    Steve Irwin was not solely a ”Crocodile Hunter”, he was also a television personality, a zookeeper and an enthralling conservationist. He was a well known TV character, a zookeeper, science teacher, and a preservationist. He would have been 57 years of age today. ”I have no fear of losing my life – if I have

  • Apple Is Going To Discontinue iPhone?

    Apple Is Going To Discontinue iPhone?1

    • Tech
    • February 20, 2019

    If you’re following CEO Tim Cook, then it won’t take you by surprise to know that the iPhone may no longer exist. The organization has quit revealing iPhone unit deals figures, and rather speaks increasingly about its developing base of dynamic gadgets. Apple says that these gadgets can be utilized to press out more income