Apple Is Getting Roasted Over Its $1000 Stand For A PC Screen

    At WWDC 2019 on Monday afternoon, Apple’s Vice president of hardware engineering, John Ternus, had just re-appeared.

    For 20 minutes, various Apple executive took the stage to show off the new features of the Mac Pro. Apple says it’s their most powerful computer ever. The one intended for professionals. Now, Ternus was back to reveal how much they were selling the beast of a computer for.

    The Announcement of the price for the Mac Pro and the Pro Display XDR monitor which is starting at $6000 and $5000, respectively. Ternus’s announcement received a rather unpleasant welcome from the crowd which has never happened at an Apple event.


    The new Pro Stand is priced at $999, which is equal to the price of a IphoneXS.

    The crowd was unhappy with the unveiling of the stand and the distress in the crowd. It was even audible in the event’s live-stream. Ternus seemed to notice the uneasiness of the audience, but he inevitably went on with the rest of the announcement. The $999 computer screen stand would be available to purchase this fall.

    But, on Social media people expressed their displeasure regarding the unveiling of the stand. Twitter and Reddit were taken aback by the $1000 price tag for a stand to hold another $5000 monitor. The whole package might cost around $12000, and Apple’s Stand even got the meme treatment across social media.

    Let’s see what the tech blogger has to say!

    The Popular tech Vlogger Marques ‘MKBHD’ Brownlee said “The truth is a lot of people doing professional video editing and things like that are using these displays that are mounted in place, and they have stands already. When they upgrade displays, they take them out and put them in the same place, and they don’t need to buy new mounts and new stands for them.”

    And further continued “You and me, and most people watching WWDC, and most normal people just think of a monitor and a stand together. So Apple should have said that this is a $6000 monitor, but if you want to buy it without the stand it’s $1000 off which comes down to $5000.”

    We have to wait until fall to get a sense of how people will treat the product.

    Or they’ll just opt for a more cheaper alternative without the Apple logo.

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