7 Out Of 10 Women Cheat On Their Spouse In India

Extramarital dating app, Gleeden recently conducted a survey titled “Why do women commit adultery”.  They tried analysing the reasons why married women in India cheat on their husbands.  Seems like even the smallest matters make a difference.

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In a shocking discovery, 7 out of 10 cheated on their husbands because they do not take part in domestic chores. Also, a similar number of women turned unfaithful because their marriage had become monotonous.

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However, these aren’t the only reasons.  According to the survey, there are various factors that influence or gives rise to extramarital affairs. Gleeden has over 5 Lakh users in India. Out of these, 20 per cent men and 13 per cent women admitted to cheating on their spouses.

Why do women commit adultery

Gleeden app was launched in France in 2009. It was primarily meant for those women who are in a relationship. It arrived in India in 2017 and has been able to attract a  huge number of users.

The survey revealed that metropolitan cities like Bengaluru, Mumbai and Kolkata, have the maximum number of women who cheat on their spouses. The reason for this varying form an escape from unhappiness, ignorance, neglect in marriage to husbands’ non-involvement in household chores.

Furthermore, there were also homosexual people who were forced into heterosexual relationships due to traditional beliefs. Due to the growing LGBTI community, these people were discovering more about their likes. As a result, they were able to find their same-sex partner on their app.

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“Four out of 10 women on Gleeden said flirting with strangers led to greater intimacy with their spouses, which means infidelitycan be helpful in re-sparking a dead marriage,” Solene Paillet, Marketing Specialist, Gleedentold IANS.

This extramarital dating app came to India in 2017 and as per their claims, 30 per cent of its users are married females in the age group of 34-49 years. Furthermore, there were women who expressed they were bored with their monotonous life. They felt that an extramarital affair would spice up their life.  Also, 48% of women with extramarital affairs preferred dating apps. They felt such platforms offer safety and privacy.

The survey might have provided some compelling statistics. But, these findings may not hold true for the entire Indian society. The sample size of this study only a fraction of India’s population which is over 133 crores. Plus, the research is based on only their users but what about married women who are not on dating apps or don’t have a smartphone?

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