6 DIY Projects Gone Horribly Wrong

The internet is a source of unending ideas. In fact, you can find just anything and everything – especially DIY ideas. DIY or ‘Do It Yourself’ are extremely easy when we follow the instructions. Moreover, youtube videos make it look like a child’s play,

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But what happens when you don’t follow the instruction? All hell breaks loose… No, that’s a bit of over exaggeration.

It’s always good to follow the professionals, but this is what happens when curiosity overtakes logic. Here are 6 DIY projects gone horribly wrong:

1. Green Peppers and Egg Breakfast

image credits@Pinterest

Wouldn’t it be great to wake your husband or kids up to an appetizing breakfast? The person on the right thought the same.

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The picture on the left looks extremely appetizing; eggs inside green pepper and toast. The image on the left would be the best breakfast to start one’s day with. However, not everything shown on the internet is as easy as it seems. While the creator did try his best, it would have been better to get the egg inside of the peppers.  The eggs on the right are a complete disaster and might not be edible as well. We should give credits to the creator for trying his best. After all, cooking isn’t an easy task.

Well,  the lesson we learned is- not everything is as easy and tasty as it is shown on the internet.

2. Crayon Art

image credit@Pinterest

They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so maybe someone somewhere can see the abstract beauty of the art in the bottom photo.

Art is unique, so is the bottom photo. DIY art is easy and looks classic. However, that only happens when you stick to the rules. If you are a creative champ like the creator of the above photo, then you can try something new. But, if you aren’t a pro… stick to the rules. We do have to acknowledge that the creator of the picture on the bottom didn’t really follow the instructions correctly. Something else must have gone wrong too, but hey! Art is art and we have to admit that the one on the bottom has its own… special qualities?

3. Pumpkin Baby

image credit@RealClear

Isn’t the baby on the left adorable? So is the baby on the left – except for the fear in his eyes. In the photo on the left, we see a cute little cherub sitting inside a pumpkin, looking peaceful and adorable. Everything seems like rainbows and sunshine, and of course, any mother would like to have an adorable picture of their baby looking absolutely perfect and gorgeous.

Unfortunately, this idea didn’t seem appealing to the baby on the right. The baby has fear in its eyes and looks uncomfortable with the whole thing. However, we need to give credits to the babies mum for such funny results.

4. Hedgehog Cake

Image credit@DailyMail

First and Foremost rule of DIY – Follow the instructions. While the cake to the upper left looks like a hedgehog, the one on the right looks quite different. Never knew that a hedgehog had soul haunting eyes and sharp teeth. It’s probably a good idea to try and stick to what you actually see in the tutorial, the simple things, such as matching the colour and just, in general, trying to mimic the way it looks.

While it was originally supposed to be a hedgehog, it ended up becoming a pink colour hell hound from the fiery depths of hell. So, let us be good students and follow the instructions.

5. Cookie Smores

via – RealClear

Have you ever watched those instafood videos? They make baking look so easy. Reality check – It is not easy.

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Who doesn’t love smores? Chocolate, marshmallows and cookies all in one. But someone somewhere came up with an even better idea: All three ingredients combined and covered in chocolate chip cookie dough. However, the one who prepared the dessert on the right learned that it isn’t as easy as it looks. Yet, the result seems pretty edible. If you are a foodie, then how it looks doesn’t matter. After all, chocolate is chocolate.

6. Comic Book Nails

Image credit@RealClear

Every girl loves pretty nails. Nail art is hot nowadays, and there’s an infinite number of different styles on the web for ladies to have a go at. The photo on the left shows a trendy comic book-style varnish that looks pretty awesome. However, for the woman copying it, the result was anything but awesome.  She clearly found it hard to stay within the lines, and the varnish just looks completely different from the one on the left. Did she really even try?

Well, she did. But somethings just need a professional creative mind who stays within the line. Bravo to her for giving it a try. It would be good to keep the polish off the skin – you could always use a peel-off latex tape or liquid latex for nails.

It’s good to remember that, not every DIY video is as easy as it seems to be. However, hats off to these creative minds who dared to do something different.

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