5 Ways To Stay Hydrated With A Twist

Summer is a time for holidays and fun.  A season where people rush towards pools, beaches and are busy splashing water all around. However, it isn’t new that we get so busy with all the fun and games that we often forget to hydrate ourselves. Haven’t you heard of the 8 glasses of water a day rule? While water does help in hydrating and is a must in our summer diet, it is always fun to have a little twist.

Here are few ways you can stay hydrated with a twist;

  1. Coconut water

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Are you tired of the 8-glass water rule? Try coconut water. Coconut water is a nutritious and delicious source of hydration. Coconut can be a healthier alternative to fruit juices or aerated drinks that are loaded with sugar.

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Fun fact: coconut and sugarcane juice can be consumed by the diabetic as well!

  1. Iced tea

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A glass or two of unsweetened iced tea can relax your heated day and body. While green tea and black tea are always an available option, there is a lot of other variety to choose from. you can always try something new or maybe sweeten your tea a bit.

  1. Yogurt popsicles

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Summer and popsicles are like best of friends. While you can undoubtedly go for the orange candy available in every store, it is advisable to ditch them for some homemade delight. Try experimenting with the fruit options available in your kitchen, it’s not just tasty but healthy as well.

  1. Celery

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Did you know that celery contains 95% of water? Yes, you read it right. Celery is known to be rich in sodium and potassium, both minerals help in regulating body fluids. It is also rich in vitamins and fiber. You can have them in your salads or get creative with them and make a smoothie.

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  1. Say yes to fruits and veggies

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Having a larger portion of fruits and vegetables can be a good source of hydration. They are rich in nutrition and can help in building our immunity. After all, a fruit a day keeps the doctor away.

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