5 Most Disturbing Science Experiments In History

Science is a gift to the world. It makes our lives easier and helps discover things unknown to the common public. However, some scientists, in their attempt to succeed, often use unethical and rather creepy methods. Such experiments have destroyed the lives of hundreds of humans. This list will take you through some of the most disturbing and creepy experiments ever conducted.

  • Nazi Medical Experiments

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During World War II, Nazi doctors conducted a series of painful and deadly experiments on thousands of prisoners. However, the most infamous ones were carried out by Josef Mengele who was an SS physician at Auschwitz. Nicknamed the “Angel of Death,” Josef carried out dangerous experiments on about 700 pairs of twins in order to prove the superiority of the Aryan race. Moreover, he collected the eyes of patients who died in the process. Many were put in freezing and low pressure chambers, while others were injected with infectious diseases to see the effects. One woman had her breasts tied off with string so SS doctors could see how long it took her baby to starve.

  • Unit 731

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If you think the experiments conducted by the Nazis were bad, wait till you hear what Unit 731 did. The Imperial Japanese Army’s Unit 731 carried out atrocities in the name of scientific experiments. They used tens of thousands of Chinese prisoners as guinea pigs to develop killer diseases. Their main objective was to create biological weapons of mass destruction. Patients were often referred to as logs as in “How many logs fell today?” Experiments ranged from orchestrating sexual acts with patients with syphilis to putting patients in pressure chambers to test how long it would take for them to burst. Female prisoners were forced to become pregnant for use in experiments. Moreover, the prisoners were injected with diseases like the bubonic plague, cholera, smallpox, botulism to develop bombs.

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  • The Stanford Prison Experiment

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The Stanford Prison Experiment conducted in 1971 by Dr. Philip Zimbardo was a social psychology experiment to study the effects of power. The professor got 24 college students for the study and they were randomly assigned roles of either prisoners or guards. The experiment was set to last for 2 weeks however was shut down only after 6 days. Guards started abusing their power and many students went back home with mental trauma.

  • MK-Ultra

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When you think of crazy mind control experiments the first thing that pops up in your mind is CIA’s project MK-Ultra. The project lasted for more than 2 decades from 1950-1970 and is still considered to be one of the most disturbing events in CIA’s history. Human subjects were often picked up from the streets illegally to test drugs which would force confessions. The most famous projects of MK-Ultra was the LSD program. Patients were given high dosage of LSD without their knowledge. In one case, they administered LSD to a patient for 174 days. This was done in order to wipe out the subject’s mind completely and make them into some kind of “robot agent.” Declassified MKUltra documents also indicate use of hypnosis to foster anxiety. Other documents show that subjects were given dosage of uppers and downers in quick succession. This would result in the person babbling incoherently.

  • Tuskegee Syphilis Experiment

thescrolllab.com-trending/5 Most Disturbing Science Experiments In History

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia- Unidentified subject, onlookers and Dr. Walter Edmondson taking a blood test (NARA, Atlanta, GA)

The Tuskegee Experiment of Untreated Syphilis in the Negro Male is one of the most unethical projects carried out by the U.S Public Health Service.  Between 1932 and 1972, 600 men were originally enrolled for the project, consisting of 399 with latent Syphilis and 201 as control group. Instead of giving them penicillin which treated syphilis, they were given placebos such as aspirin. The main objective was to study the effect of the disease on the human body. Hundreds of subjects died and many were diagnosed with the disease.

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By Abhishek Aggarwal

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