5 Facts About The Hero For Fun- One Punch Man

    Much like its modest hero, no one expected One-Punch Man to become a worldwide sensation when the series first got launched. From its humble manga origin to its animated domination after the release of just one season. One-Punch Man is a comedy superhero that the world needs during these dark and desperate times.

    Season 2 is here, and you need time to brush up on your favourite One-Punch Man trivia. Here are the most important facts you need to know about the man with the most powerful punch in the universe.

    One Man Punch started online, then on paper and then on to your Tv Screens

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    The introduction to One-Punch Man, aka Saitama, was most likely is an applauded anime series, but the hero actually started as a webcomic. Created by the anonymous named manga artist ONE, the comic launched online in early 2009, which went on receiving almost 8 million views by June of 2012. Like many webcomics, One-Punch Man’s art gets better and better.

    There is a reason behind One man punch’s Outfit

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    While other superheroes get wardrobes full of flashy outfits, covering spikes, chains, and armour and One-Punch Man wanders the world in relatively downcast threads. Beyond the blooming of his cape, One-Punch Man wears a simple yellow jumpsuit with red boots and gloves. Even his bald head and subtle eyebrows bypass most of the other expressive anime looks. This was intentional. ‘ONE’ designed One-Punch Man’s look to be subtle because there are already so many cool-looking characters. Rather than focus on making One-Punch Man look flashy, ONE believed his character’s coolness should come from who he is rather than how he looks.

    His outfit is a subtle tribute to a beloved Japanese children’s character

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    Beyond giving One-Punch Man an unassuming look, the character’s outfit also serves as a tribute to a beloved children’s character. Anpanman, a superhero with a jelly pastry for a head, starred in a manga that ran from 1973 to 2013. And the anime debuted in 1988 and still runs till this day. The show is verified as the Guinness World Record holder for the most characters in an animated franchise. The anime has 1,768 characters appearing on the show and in movies between 1988 and 2009. And if you look at One-Punch Man’s outfit you can see that it’s just a reversed-colour version of Anpanman.

    By saving the Split-Chinned Kid’s life, he changed the world

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    In the first episode, the anime and chapter 2 of the manga, fans are introduced to the generously named Split-Chinned Kid, the child with a chin that bears a striking resemblance to testicles. After drawing a pair of nipples on sleeping Crabrante, which means a human who is half human and Crab, the Split-Chinned Kid finds his life in danger as the monster lashes out. Then Saitama comes into the picture before he formally became a hero and is the only thing that saves his life. Little did One-Punch Man know the boy was the grandson of multi-millionaire Agoni, who is so inspired by Saitama’s deed he forms the Hero Association.

    One-Punch Man is theoretically almost as fast as the speed of light


    During the season 1 finale, One-Punch Man finds himself face to face with Boros. The Galactic being almost as powerful as he is. Boros kicks Saitama so hard he flies from Earth to the Moon. Only to get know that Saitama is able to jump back to Earth in roughly 1.5 seconds later. If the Earth is 238,855 miles away from the moon, and it takes 1.5 seconds to get back to Earth, Saitama is going 159,236 miles per second and the speed of light is 186,282 miles per second.
    (P.S- Only happens in Anime)
    Given Saitama merely jumped and didn’t get a running start, it is easy to assume his actual top speed when he’s really trying could be close to the speed of light. Right before he dies Boros himself exclaims that Saitama isn’t using his full power.

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