5 Best LGBT Characters In Your Favorite TV Shows

LGBT characters on TV shows are starting to become far more mainstream in recent years. Not too long ago, seemingly every gay character on TV was either a sad closet case or a drag queen. Below are some of the most compelling LGBT characters currently appearing in some of our favorite TV shows.

Supernatural: Charlie Bradbury (played by Felicia Day)

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As tech nerd Charlie, geek icon Felicia Day starts off the list by bringing some much-needed warmth and levity to this long-running horror series, which often veers deep into the darkness. Although, Her death in the last season was a major blow to fans. But, very few characters have managed to stay dead on this show. An alternate version of Charlie from the Apocalypse World appeared in Season 13. The alternate Charlie has now taken to living on the main Earth following being evacuated from her old world.

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The Magician: Eliot (played by Hale Appleman)

thescrolllab/5 Best LGBT Characters In Your Favorite TV Shows
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I’ve always been a lover of the fantastical world of fantasy. This show is that, plus a few sprinkles of LGBT-ness. I am talking about Eliot. Eliott is so much more than the gay best friend. He adds a depth to the show which most teen dramas are lacking and knows how to deliver the perfect scene-stealing line. He’s also incredibly smart, and the hottest magician since Neville Longbottom.

Orphan Black: Cosima (played by Tatiana Maslany)

thescrolllab/5 Best LGBT Characters In Your Favorite TV Shows
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In an impressive feat of acting (and wig styling), Canadian actor Tatiana Maslany plays five of the main characters in this sci-fi hit about a clone program run amok. The warmest and most likeable of the clone sisters is Cosima, a lesbian scientist whose moral compass is remarkably well calibrated within the universe of this show.

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Cosima Niehaus is a lesbian geek clone who just wants to make crazy science. “My sexuality is not the most interesting thing about me,” is an actual thing Cosima said in the second season of this show, but the show had been saying it without words since the introduction of Cosima’s character.

Sense8: Nomi Marks (played by Jamie Clayton)

thescrolllab/5 Best LGBT Characters In Your Favorite TV Shows
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The drama about eight psychically connected strangers is one of the sexiest shows on TV. The breakout star is Jamie Clayton, who plays hacker-activist Nomi Marks with uncommon wry sensitivity. The show never downplays that Nomi is a trans lesbian, but it also doesn’t make her gender and sexuality her central traits. She’s a wonderfully complex character on an incredibly complicated show.

Modern Family: Mitch and Cam (played by Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson)

thescrolllab/5 Best LGBT Characters In Your Favorite TV Shows
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Modern Family is hilarious and has included prominent LGBT characters since the first episode. Gay couple Cam and Mitch have won our hearts and made us laugh dozens of times, and have also generated ample debate about straight actors playing gay roles (and vice versa). Although the show is a comedy, it certainly didn’t shy away from the marriage equality debate.

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