27 Incredible Facts That Will Blow Your Mind

We think we know the World we live in extremely well. However, the world is full of mysteries, which will shock you and make you go “WOW.” Well we have managed to dig up 27 of the most mind-blowing facts which will surprise even the most intelligent of people.


  • The last words Albert Einstein said are unknown as he spoke them in German. The nurse who he said these words too did not know the language.

  • You can burn 1 calorie by clicking the mouse button only 10 million times.

  • To be able to identify a real diamond from a fake one is easy. You just have to breathe on it. The fake one will fog up while the real one remains clear.

  • You know about the first man on moon. However, Buzz Aldrin was the first man to pee on the lunar surface shortly after stepping on it.

  • There are 60,000 miles of blood vessels in the human body. If you take them out and laid them end to end, they would go around the world twice. However, don’t do it please.

  • The loneliest creature on earth is a whale. It has been calling out for a mate for over 2 decades. However, its high-pitched voice is different from all the whales in the world.

  • The longest time between two twins being born is 87 days.

  • In 2011 a woman named Aimee Davison purchased an invisible piece of art for $10,000. The artwork was called ‘Fresh Air.’

  • Prince Charles and Prince Williams have never travelled in the same place. This is because if one crashes, the other has to survive.

  • What is common between Adolf Hitler, Alexander the Great, and Napoleon? All of them suffered from Ailurophobia which is the fear of cats.

  • For every human on this planet, there are approximately 1.6 million ants. The weight of all the ants combined is almost equal to the weight of all the humans.

  • Napoleon Bonaparte had the original Mona Lisa in his bedroom for a few years.

  • The three most sold products in human history are the iPhone, Harry Potter books, and the Rubik’s cube.

  • Only 5% of Brazil’s total population lives in the Rio Grande state. However the state accounts for over 70% Brazilian models. Talk about heaven on earth.

  • The blue bird from the Twitter logo has a name: Larry. The creators of the site named it after famous basketball player Larry Bird.

  • Charles Darwin was the first person to have the idea of attaching wheels to his office chair. He wanted to move around more quickly. How lazy.

  • A company called Halliburton once tried to patent patenting. They filed for a patent on “patent acquisition and assertion by a first party against a second party.”

  • Cockroaches can live for weeks without their heads. However, they finally die of hunger.

  • Bill Clinton was the 42nd President of the United States. In his entire tenure, he sent only 2 emails.

  • The sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel is 666. No wonder all my money is lost.

  • Sean Connery was offered 15% of Lord of the Rings’ worldwide Box-Office earnings to play Gandalf. He refused to do so since he didn’t understand the script and lost out on $400 million!

  • It is possible to spot the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean at the same time. You just have to climb the highest peak in Panama, Volcán Barú at 11,398 feet.

  • The Ancient Greeks claimed that the sky is bronze since they did not have a word for blue.

  • Jimmy Carter, the 39th President of the US once sent a jacket to the cleaner’s with nuclear detonation codes still in the pocket.

  • Ants can survive in a microwave. They are small enough to dodge the rays.

  • The average 4-year old asks about 400 questions in a day. No wonder I don’t want kids.

  • If there was no space between all the atoms that make up the entire earth, it would be the size of a baseball.



By Abhishek Aggarwal

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